LDP – Ch 13

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TLDP: Ch13. Encountering A Neuropath


Boss Qian solemnly explained: “We were at the sauna bath and was discussing business at the time. Then suddenly a man wearing shabby clothes appeared and sat beside me. I was the only one who could see him and it scared me out of my wits, since the man was headless. Then there was a weeping sound coming from him! And that weeping sound was the same as the strange weeping sound I had heard every night! Then, the headless man tried to pinch my neck, however at that critical moment, a light emanated from the jade pendant expelling headless ghost. Moreover, the headless ghost and the weeping sound could only be seen and heard by myself. Although he only appeared during the evening and could not enter my house’s courtyard, just hearing his weeping sound every night really makes me scared.Therefore this time I would like to ask master especially to handle that headless ghost!”

“So that’s how it is, if there was no jade pendant and that formation array, you would have been killed by that headless ghost. However since the Daoist master who gave you jade pendant and made this formation array was very skilled, why don’t you look for him?” I was really curious about this highly skilled Daoist master.

“I’m really ashamed, that master once owed a favor to my father, therefore he helped me out. But I don’t know his name or his residence, so even if I were to seek for him, I wouldn’t know where to begin”

“Ng… Boss Qian, … tomorrow, huh!??” Suddenly I felt a cold wind blow from the side and boss Qian’s complexion had become terrified, it was needless to say that the headless ghost had come! However I was not in the ‘Opening Eyes’ state so I couldn’t see the ghost.

I removed a Sun Charm from my pocket quickly, condensed Yang qi on my fingertips and lit the Sun Charm! Then threw the ignited Sun Charm toward the headless ghost’s position by relying on my instinct! A vague discernible screech could be faintly heard afterwards and the chilling sensation also disappeared.

Boss Qian was panting and took a deep breath: “It was too fearful! Fortunately master is present today, but master, that ghost has ran away. If it is not terminated, I’m afraid…”

“Relax, I can help you solve this problem, however since I came hurriedly today, except carrying along with me several charms, I haven’t brought the proper equipments to exorcise the ghost. But since the ghost has been injured by me, it will not appear again tonight. Just wait for me tomorrow evening, I will bring my equipment and wait to ambush that headless ghost near your house. If it dares to show itself then I will exorcise it at once!”


I took everything I needed and put all of it into my black backpack and went to work. I headed straight for boss Qian’s house after I got off from work in the evening. Yesterday I had told him that tonight he must be at home, therefore he gave me his address.

His house was in a villa area specifically built for the rich, I quickly used the Moon Charm to extinguish the Yang fire on my shoulders so that I would be able to see the ghost.

My cattle tears’ vial was half empty, and in order to economize it, I didn’t use it and used a Moon Charm to cast the ‘Opening Eyes’ technique instead. Despite the effect would be that it would reduce my Yang qi.

However it was only a trivial matter since along with my practice and exercising, I was far more powerful compared to 2 months ago. So even if I had to face that comb’s demoness again I would absolutely not be in a difficult situation like I was before.

I hid in the thick patches of grass outside boss Qian’s courtyard and carefully watched the surroundings.

Two hours had passed by…

But there are many mosquitoes in these patches of grass, especially in summer. Luckily I had wiped my body with mosquito repellant floral water before, but I still had been bitten by these mosquitoes all over the body… and to my misery, the headless ghost had actually not appeared.

An armada of hundreds of mosquitoes had surrounded me and bit me. Just on the face alone, there were 7-8 mosquito bites! Even if I was highly determined and persevered person, at this time I really could not bear it! However if I were to move and make some noise I was afraid that I would alarm the headless ghost. After all it had been injured by me last night. So if it saw me nearby, it would definitely not dare to come out.

While I endured patiently and bitterly for a while, faint weeping sounds came. At the same time a headless figure floating in from a distance. I swallowed my own saliva when I saw these kinds of stimulating-horrible scenes. It would be a blatant lie if one said the he wasn’t afraid of seeing a headless figure in the quiet and dark night alone.

The headless ghost fluttered around boss Qian’s residence, then set free the animals from their cages while crying and weeping in sadness with a desolate tone.

This ghost was wearing dirty work clothes, however its’ Yin qi aura was not dense. Which meant that it should have just turned into a ghost for a short time. There had to be some reason that was causing this ghost to haunt boss Qian.

When I was about to come out from my hiding place, to try to negotiate with the headless ghost, a figure rushed out from the distance! He stopped before the headless ghost, panted for a moment and took a deep breath while talking to the headless ghost: “Hey, old brother, you are running too fast! Please hurry up and teach me this magical skill.How come you can change your appearance? I didn’t know that you can change your appearance like this, it’s really amazing!”

What the… what the fuck![1] Since it was very dark I couldn’t see his face, but I was absolutely sure that he was a youth! A living person! Because he had 3 groups of Yang fire on his body! However he wasn’t even afraid of this headless ghost, instead he regarded it as a magician! This crazy idiot was perhaps mentally unstable…

What made me really clueless was that his Yang qi seemed very exuberant! So he was absolutely not a ghost! Has he coated his eyes with cattle tears, and was now able to see ghosts?

The headless ghost suddenly seized this youth’s neck!!!

The youth struggled to release himself but unexpectedly spoke at the same time: “Brother, if you don’t want to teach me that’s fine, but don’t be like this… Oh, I know, I know! This is how you are teaching me your magic!”.

Hearing his words, I was really convinced that this youth was absolutely mentally retarded!

If the headless ghost was truly teaching this crazy idiot, he might be choked to death as ghosts could twist their heads down.

Although this youth was crazy and an idiot at that, this patriarch would of course not stay still to let a tragedy occur. Therefore I removed the Shadowbane sword quickly, pinched a Sun Charm and jumped out from the thick patches of grass as I shouted to the ghost solemnly: “Evil creature! Release him at once!”

The headless ghost recognized me and threw the youth to the side, turned around and ran! Yesterday I had injured it, and it seemed to be very afraid of my ability.

When I was about to pursue the ghost, the crazy-idiot youth unexpectedly rushed to my side and grabbed my hand: “Big brother, you are part of a movie making crew? Was that shout a moment ago the sign to start the play? What kind of movie are you making right now? Where is the camera? Let me have a look at my performance just now! If you are really filming why didn’t you say so in advance?”

Even if my self-control was good, I couldn’t help but felt an intense urge to kick this buffoon. But I decided to ignore him and directly pursue in the direction where the ghost had fled! If I let it escape this time, it would not be easy to find this chance again next time! Because the ghost knew that I would wait and ambush him in this place again. It would be impossible for me to protect boss Qian every time.

I clearly saw the idiotic youth’s appearance a moment ago, he was about 20 years old, with hairs growing out from all of his 4 limbs. Disorderly hair, with a pair of fiery eyes. Nobody would be able to forget him even if they only saw him once..

While I thought for a moment, that buffoon quickly pursued and shouted: “Big brother!!! I also want to join the movie team! Take me, I am willing to be a utility man!”

I’m done! If this “thing” continued pestering me, I would collapse in no time. Where the hell was this best quality goods coming from?[2] I took out 200 RMB from my pocket and gave it to him and persuasively spoke to him: “Buddy, your acting was good a moment ago, I’ll give you this money as your paycheck. The time is late now, you should go home, take bath and rest.” And left him quickly

“Thanks Big brother, okay, goodbye for now big brother, but don’t forget about me. Call me for your next filming…” he shouted in the back.

I was so relieved to have finally gotten rid of this “best quality goods…”[3]

Because the headless ghost was not a high-leveled ghost, its speed was not fast enough, not all ghost could be like Miss Daiyu who was almost impossible to trace. In a short time I found its trace and ran toward a mountain. It took a long while for me to arrive at the mountain.

This villa area was constructed near the mountain’s hillside. However since some people frequently come here to maintain the scenery and environment, there were no beasts or wild animals around. It took me a long while to pursue the headless ghost since I carried 50kg of lead bars on me! I shouted to the headless ghost while pursuing: “Hello! Headless ghost, do not run! What wishes do you still have that need to be completed? Let me help you! Although boss Qian hired me to exorcise you, I have no grudges with you. If you had been wronged I will help you!”. Because there was nobody around the periphery, I was not afraid to shout these words, otherwise I would have been regarded as someone with mental defects.

The headless ghost seemed to have listen to my words and instantly stopped, the distance between it and I was about 10 m. I was gasping and panting. I took a few deep breaths while I leaned on a tree, then finally spoke: “Can you make your head visible? You know, you look horrible this way!”

The headless ghost’s upper part that was supposedly suppose to be a head, became fuzzy as a swarthy face appeared. The face seemed to be around 20 years old and looked quite simple and honest. The ghost didn’t wait for my questions as it opened the mouth and asked first: “Can you really help me?”

“What unfulfilled wishes do you have? You can tell me now and I will help you as far as possible. Although you are a ghost now, you were also a human not too long ago.”

“I want to see my mother again.” The headless ghost cried after speaking, the voice was very desolate: “If I had known that I would die, I would not have gone to work that day. I didn’t have a father since childhood and Mom had raised me with great difficulty. I wanted to make some money and fulfill my filial piety to her, but I didn’t think that…”

I knitted my brows and asked with a confused face: “Then why do you haunt boss Qian?”

The headless ghost unexpectedly shouted and looked agitated: “I naturally must haunt him! He’s a black-hearted merchant! I was a construction worker in his work site, but his protective measures for laborers were unreliable. I fell from the 28th floor of a tall story building, my head hit ground first and burst! After that, my mother received an emergency notice and rushed to the scene where I had died. But that son-of-a bitch, boss Qian unexpectedly only gave 50,000 RMB to my mother as compensation and said that he was giving her an extreme consideration and tolerance because I hadn’t signed the labor contract. He didn’t acknowledge me as one of the workers he had hired! He also threatened my mother that if she insisted to make noises, and brought the case to the court, he would not give her the 50,000 RMB. You said that I should not haunt him? After I became a ghost I wanted to kill him and prevent any harm he would inflict to others again, hum… hum… my pitiful mother’s eyes will become blind because of crying all the time.”

I sighed: “Okay, it’s alright, stop crying, for this matter I can’t help you. Who told you to work without a labor contract? And even if boss Qian does all kinds of evil acts wantonly, you still cannot haunt him. Even if he died, your mother will not obtain any advantages. Okay how about this… boss Qian had asked me to eliminate you, and he paid me 80,000 RMB in remuneration for the services. When I receive this money, I’ll give all of it to your mother, just consider it as your compensation.”

“Would you really give my mother 80,000 RMB?” The headless ghost stopped its weeping sound and asked in surprise.

~~~~~~~~~~end of ch13.~~~~~~~~~~
沃,沃槽: Wò, wò cáo : this could be amazement, cursing or swearing, i deliberately translate it to what… and what the f**k/hell? To make the flow felt natural.

[2] and [3]
极品 :Jípǐn : lit: high quality/best quality: Chinese slang for annoying people, I deliberately used the same meanings literally to get the feel of sarcasm and humour the author wants to convey to readers.

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