LDP – Ch 12

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TLDP. Ch12. The Palace Court Lady Ghost

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I had the Moon Charm and Heart Mind Purifying Charm. However these two charms had no effect on the court lady ghost. I dodged every attack of this lady ghost while moving closer to my backpack’s location.

Finally, I succeed in grabbing the backpack! But the cost of getting it was bumping my head on the wall, because I was thrown by that ghost. My forehead felt like it was burning as blood flowed out from the wound.

I hurriedly pulled out the Shadowbane sword from the backpack, while the ghost lady came rushing and attacked me again! There was no other way! I directly spat on her face, only to have it blocked by her hair! I never expected that the lady ghost would use her hair! I quickly saw another chance and pulled that lady ghost’s hair away to directly spit my saliva onto her face forcefully. However I forgot that if there was no Yang qi essence and blood, it would become ordinary saliva.

It’s really was a damn… the tragedy would soon befall upon me… the lady ghost swiftly seized my body and pushed me toward the wall while ruthlessly pounding me.

While I saw 7 or 8 faint halos revolving around my head and felt dizzy, suddenly there were pounding sounds on the door and a man spoke: “What the hell are you all doing in there? Do you want to destroy the apartment? If you make noises again I’ll call the police!”

“I’m really sorry Big Brother, our family is in the middle of decorating the apartment!” I shouted loudly while dodging the court lady’s nails. Then I rolled and moved away a little from the lady ghost. I held the Shadowbane sword tightly and directed all my Yang qi into it. The sword rapidly produced a flame which extended from the hilt, emanating a powerful Yang qi!

That’s right! This was the method to use the Shadowbane Sword! After the Shadowbane sword was activated by injecting it with Yang qi, even Miss Daiyu would be a little afraid of the Yang fire emanating from the sword. However my Yang qi was limited, which meant that I had to finish this fight as soon as possible! Therefore I raised the sword quickly and slashed at the court lady ghost.

Miss Daiyu once had said to me: “Ghosts usually had a grievance before they died, so they were actually very pitiful. If you could persuade and convince them, it would be the best result. Just like me that year, the great master persuaded and convinced me to change.”

However, looking at today’s situation it would be either I died or this ghost! Moreover my time was too limited as I had no time to persuade this ghost anymore! If I didn’t exterminate her, Xu Xiaoling would still be in danger.

The Yang qi emanating from the Shadowbane sword was so intense, that even the demoness stepped back, afraid. She quickly retreated and avoided my slash, she didn’t dare to directly collide with the Shadowbane sword.

The fight quickly moved from the bedroom to the living room and I swiftly seized the chance to grab the wooden comb on the dressing table. I quickly rushed to the living room and put the comb under the intense sunlight while simultaneously taking out a piece of Sun Charm, and pasting it onto the comb and ignited it.

The court lady ghost pursued behind me with a terrifying face as if it was twisted to the extreme. She bellowed and loudly screaming: “Cao’s castrated dog! I’ll perish together with you!” After saying that she dashed and was instantly in front of me. Her gesture showed that she was ready to fight with me, even if both us had to perish together. “Castrated dog? Wait, it referred to someone who had became a court eunuch?” I couldn’t help but to ponder instantly. Moreover this demoness wore an ancient imperial court lady dress, was she a concubine or the wife of some ancient royalty or some ancient government’s official? It seemed like this court lady ghost died a painful and pitiful death. What a pity that I didn’t have much time since I had no excess qi to deal with her any longer. My head was so dizzy, my whole body was sore and hurt. If I didn’t seize this opportunity to eliminate her, she would kill me without any hesitation in the blink of an eye.

I quickly turn around and used the Shadowbane sword to thrust the comb! After the intense baptism of the Yang qi, the comb rapidly burnt. The court lady ghost let out a miserably howl as her body was rapidly engulfed by the flame! And quickly disappeared, as the flame swallowed her whole body…

It was like nothing ever appeared here…

What I suspected before was true, she has fused with the comb, so, as long as the comb was destroyed she would also be extinguished. This time was really involuntary, if my strength was sufficient enough, I would have chosen to persuade and influence her slowly. However, because I didn’t have enough power, I could only choose to protect myself. I never thought that this patriarch’s first experience in exorcising a ghost would lead to almost being killed by the ghost. If I were to die here, I wouldn’t have had the face to see my ancestors…

The comb had been burned to ashes, the living room was chaotic, the glass tea table was broken into pieces, the TV cabinet had been smashed, the pot had been broken to 3 pieces and its soil was scattered everywhere, even the sofa was thrown and turned over. There were 3 trace of blood flowing down my face, and there was a big bump on my forehead. My whole body hurt after being beaten and thrown by that demoness, though it was fortunate that my bones were still all right. However I felt tired since the Yang qi in my body was almost exhausted.

I really had to say thanks to Miss Daiyu, her inhuman exercises had improved my resistance to physical impact.

Finally…I had solved this ghost case… and saved Xu Xiaoling’s life.

I hurriedly back to Xu Xiaoling’s hospital ward despite the aches and fatigue, the wounds on my body really made her scared.

“The woman ghost has been exterminated!” I sat on the stool and emphasized my words one more time: “I saw it with my own eyes that she had been exterminated”

“How… How are you hurt all over your body?”

“All right, I give back this key to you. Ah… another thing… because of my chaotic fight with that demoness, your apartment living room is in a mess now. The comb has been burnt by me, you don’t need to worry that the ghost will ever appear again. Anyways, I must go home to rest, bye!”, I put the key on table and slowly walked out of the hospital ward.


The next day, as usual I went to work after finishing my morning exercises. Since Miss Daiyu wasn’t here I skipped the sparring session. When the fourth day came about, at noon, Xu Xiaoling suddenly came to see me with a cold face.

I gave her the usual fast food she ordered, and she suddenly asked in a cold-angry tone: “Did he send you to come to see me?”


“Do not play the fool! You tell him, I will not give up! Even if I die, I will not ask him for help! Do not think that with that small trick yesterday it will make me come back!”

“Pardon me?”

“You’re still acting dumb? If not because he sent you over, why did you exorcise the ghost for free? You were injured because of that, and still you refused to accept any reward? Why were you willing to pay more than 10,000 RMB for my medical services? We only got acquainted for less than 24 hours!” Xu Xiaoling aggressively asked with an undisguised anger in her voice.

“You’re confused…” I knitted my brows, baffled and paid no attention to her again. I just walked away and continued to carry my tray.

From my point of view, she was hospitalized because it was completely my fault. Moreover I had destroyed many furniture, and I thought it should be compensated by me, therefore I didn’t demand any reward money from her. Even more so I had no intention of making her paying me back for the medical bills.

I had never thought that Xu Xiaoling was this excessive, just because I didn’t need her to pay me back, she would actually say all these inexplicable words unexpectedly. I felt that she was a good and gentle girl, I never thought that I was mistaken to such an extent.

Days passed by… in an instant two months had passed, now was July 2011…

For the past two months, I secretly helped someone to solve the ghost that had been haunting him. Because it was an ordinary ghost, I chose to persuade it. Who would have thought that the ghost didn’t even want to repent, therefore I exterminated him with one hit.

Miss Daiyu hadn’t came back yet… and to be honest, I missed her, I really had no idea where she left to actually.

I still carried 50 kg of lead bars every day, and to cover the lead bars I also wore a gym suit in the summer.
But that day, I received a message from Cheng Dong that some kind of “boss” had been “tied down” by an evil spirit. He would pay 100,000 RMB and was looking for a person with exorcising skills to help him handle the ghost. After that, I made an agreement with Cheng Dong as the money would be divided 2:8, since he would get 20,000 RMB for the referral fees and the remaining 80,000 RMB would go to me.

Because I didn’t have a cell phone, Cheng Dong intended to wait for me after I got off work. Then we called a taxi and went straight to the client’s location in agreement.

While in the taxi, Cheng Dong asked: “Xiaolong Big Brother, Xu Xiaoling has just celebrated her birthday a couple days ago, have you received the invitation?” Cheng Dong’s age actually a year higher than mine, but he still called me elder brother, it felt awkward but I reluctantly accepted it. I had no choice since he insisted.

I replied truthfully: “No”

“Ngg… Xu Xiaoling’s background is really mysterious. At her birthday that day, we threw a birthday party and celebrated it in a restaurant. Then suddenly several luxury cars arrived at the parking lot, the worst car that arrived was a BMW series 7! After the car’s doors opened, a group of bodyguards in black tuxedoes escorted a middle-aged man to enter the restaurant and the middle-aged man said to Xu Xiaoling: “Ling Er, don’t throw a tantrum, just go home with father.” But Xu Xiaoling didn’t even show any respect to him, she even asked that middle-aged man to leave…, oh, can you guess Xu Xiaoling’s background?” asked Cheng Dong.

“I have no interest in guessing.” I replied in desolate tone.

Cheng Dong, seeing that I was disinclined to say anything, chatted with the taxi driver. They chatted about meat dishes to national affairs, then from national affairs to Sino-Japanese relations.

Finally, Cheng Dong sighed with emotion: “… and now the downloading speed for adult movies has become very slow because the China-Japanese relation deteriorated.” The last sentence was enthusiastically confirmed by the taxi driver as he criticize the internet fare and he regretted that he met Cheng Dong very late since it was hard to have a soul mate that have something in common…

The place meeting with the client actually was arranged in a 5 star hotel. Cheng Dong led to a presidential suite on the third floor.

There was a fat man sitting on the sofa inside the room, he was around 40-years old of age with big yellow teeth ,and thick gold necklace hung on his neck, showing off his riches. When he saw that we entered the room, he also stood up.

Cheng Dong introduced me to him: “Boss Qian, this man is great master; Long Big Brother, this is Boss Qian.”

“Hello, how do you do, Boss Qian”, I greeted him and shook hand with the proper courtesy.

“Master is really handsome and intelligent, you look very different than ordinary people. I’ve heard about you from Cheng Dong, that you would come. Oh… the two please sit down.” After boss Qian toldt us to sit down, he talked to the waitress and said: “Serve some food…”

Cheng Dong had some unimportant small talks with boss Qian and didn’t mention the main topic.

Only after 8 delicacies had been served did this boss Qian talk to me: “Master, I have been entangled by a ghost recently.”

I calmly shook my head: “If a person is being haunted by the ghost, he would be overcasted by Yin qi, and the Yang qi in his body will drop, but I can see that boss Qian has strong Yang qi even more than young people.”

Boss Qian gawked and replied in surprise: “Master really has great ability! Actually it’s because of this jade pendant. This treasure was given to me by a certain master. He said that as long as I carry this treasure, I can even exorcise evil spirits and prevent Yin qi from entering the body.” After he finished, he put out a jade pendant from the necklace on his neck and gave it to me to look.

I casually nodded: “Tell me about the ghost.”

Boss Qian’s complexion immediately looked dignified and spoke: “It was 2 weeks ago, I was awakened at midnight when I was sleeping with my wife, and heard a weeping sound from out of my window. It was a man’s weeping sound, it was very loud and noisy and I couldn’t sleep. So, I opened the window but I couldn’t find anything. But what made me terrified was, I was the only who could hear the crying sound, while my wife couldn’t hear it! I had once asked a Daoist master to arrange some ghost wards in my house. He said that he had arranged three talismans inside the house to gather Yang qi from the sun. He also said that all ghosts would be unable to enter my house. It would also improve the Yang qi in the body. However 4 days ago, when I was inviting several big customers to a sauna, the accident happened…”

~~~~~~~~~~end of ch11.~~~~~~~~~~

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