Law of the Devil Chapter 348 Part 2

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Right, who could it be other than him. After all, only he was powerful enough to leave a myth in Nanyang Island and was related to him…

Du Wei put away the map and suddenly a thought came to her mind: Maybe, if I have a chance, I should go to Nanyang?

He took another look at Ruo Lin: “That’s all for this myth and legend. You talk about how much the Nanyang Kingdom paid as the ransom to redeem their little king? How much good stuff did you bring me back this time?”

Speaking of this topic, Ruo Lin laughed…

At this moment, her smile resembled Du Wei very much. It’s like Du Wei’s sinister sile, so insidious and cunning…

“Sir!” Ruo Lin smiled slightly. “This time when I went out, I took more than thirty boats together. Before going out to sea, I tried to get some more. In the end, our fleet reached a full eighty. It’s a year back and forth. We lost three boats on the road due to storms and reefs and some accidents during the voyage. This time I brought back a total of 77 boats! This time, twenty ships arrived in the imperial capital but the large troops stayed at the Walker port on the southeast coast of the continent. Moreover, because the Lancang Canal was too narrow after all, all the largest sea boats could not come in and stopped at the Walker port. Because the harvest this time is too big, I can’t bring it to the capital at once…”

Du Wei’s heart began to beat violently…

“The harvest is too big? How big is it?”

Ruo Lin thought about it: “Master, Nanyang is rich in gold and gems as well as ivory and spices. These things are valuable things that are scarce on our continent. The eighty big ships I brought back were full of these stuffs. If you sell all these things, you can get the…”

Ruo Lin seemed to groan for a moment: “60 million gold coins! This time we made this windfall. I am afraid it can be equal to the total financial income of the Empire for five or six years!”

Equal to total fiscal revenue of the empire in five or six years?!

Even though Du Wei had already made psychological preparations, he could not help but suck cold air hearing this number: “So much?!”

He stood up and looked at Ruo Lin and solemnly said, “Ruo Lin, you have done a good job this time. I am very satisfied! In the future, you don’t have to stay at sea. After this time, you will follow me back to the northwest and serve in the Tulip family army! I think you are a talented leader. Since you have made great contributions this time, I won’t treat you badly. I’ll appoint you as the commanding officer. There will be a war soon. As long as you do a good job, you will be my first female general in the future! ”

Ruo Lin took two steps back immediately, kneeling on one knee.

Du Wei glanced at her and continued: “Also, made a list of the warriors who went with you to Nanyang and sacrificed their life, their family’s pensions will be increased to…  ten times!”

After reporting everything, Ruo Lin returned from a long journey so she was quite tired. Du Wei was about to let her go to rest, but Ruo Lin suddenly remembered another thing: “Master, when I am returning from Nanyang this time, I also bring a thing. This thing is said to be left by the gods in the ancient temple. My Lord, you told me to fetch any some strange things I encounter so I also brought this thing.”

After speaking, Ruo Lin went out immediately and after a while came in with a long wooden box. She solemnly placed in front of Du Wei.

“Oh? God left?” Du Wei murmured in his heart. Is it something left by Aragon?


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  1. Master, when I returned from Nanyang this time, I also brought a strange item.. This thing is said to be left by the gods in the ancient temple. My Lord, you told me to fetch any strange things I encounter so I also brought this item.

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