Law of the Devil Chapter 348 Part 1

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Ruo Lin kneeled on one knee and gave a solemn courtesy as a family guardian knight. Her original most formal identity was the family guardian knight received by Du Wei. Then she sat on a chair that Du Wei pointed to.

“Let’s talk.” Du Wei laughed: “I haven’t received any news for more than one year. I’m really worried. I’m afraid those Nanyang people are too brave and dare to go against you. In that case, I have to encourage the Regent (Prince Chen) to launch another expedition to save you. ”

Ruo Lin smiled a little, her temperament was much calmer than before: “Sir, this time going to sea is a lot harder than we expected. We have face my unexpected situations to reach Nanyang Kingdom. ”

“Hmm …” Du Wei nodded. “You’ve reached that Nanyang Kingdom. What does it look like?”

When mentioning this problem, Ruo Lin couldn’t help but a strange look appeared in her eyes. After a long time, she sighed and said: “It is beautiful! Very beautiful! I have never seen something so beautifully in my life!”

Then she took out a scroll from it and slowly unfolded it. It was a carefully drawn map of Nanyang Kingdom.

“Master, before I set out, you told me to pay attention to the voyage all the way and I must draw a map. Well, this is the map…”

Du Wei took the map, put it on the table and slowly unfolded…

This map was painted on waterproof canvas! The dotted islands in South Ocean, Ruo Lin also drew a few routes. These routes have avoided some dangerous sea areas, reefs, and vortex zones.

And the southernmost tip of the imperial capital was a big island!

Du Wei pointed at the big island and said, “Here it is …”

“Sir, this is where the United Kingdom of the South Sea is located. This is the largest island I know in Nanyang. The area of ​​this island is as large as the two provinces of our empire. More than 20 large and small tribes live on this island and the population on this island alone is about 5 million. And … Master, there is a strange thing on this island in my opinion! ”

“Weird?” Du Wei became interested.

Originally, he was full of expectations for Nanyang, as for weird things he never thought about it.

Then Ruo Lin told him about a myth and a sentence mentioned in that myth…

Hum, “Du Wei, how are you? Surprised?” Damn, what could be weirder than this message?

Du Wei could not help laughing. It seemed that it was really difficult to figure out what was happening.

However, in his mind, a guess came out.


Right, who could it be other than him. After all, only he was powerful enough to leave a myth in Nanyang Island and was related to him…

Du Wei put away the map and suddenly a thought came to her mind: Maybe, if I have a chance, I should go to Nanyang?

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