Law of the Devil Chapter 347 Part 2

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On the dock of the Imperial Capital, there were already two hundred soldiers wearing Tulip family guard uniforms waiting. The leader was none other than Zach.

Xiao Zach was already waited anxiously for a while. Seeing that the fleet was finally at the shore, he heaved a long sigh of relief. His monkey like face showed sincere joy.

He whistled and the soldiers approached the dock. Xiao Zach saw a familiar figure appearing on the ship’s deck and laughed loudly: “My beautiful boss, you are finally back! It’s been a year since you’ve gone. I thought you have become pirate in Nanyang.”

Ruolin went down the deck and glanced at Zach. With a smile on her face, she patted Zach’s shoulder lightly: “You are also an important person under the master’s hands.”

Xiao Zach smiled hesitantly: “I was glad to see you coming back and was naturally excited.”

Ruolin raised her eyebrow but then she saw a little sincerity in Zach’s eyes without any ridicule so she nodded and said in milder tone: “Well, it’s been a long time since I talked. This time, the voyage at sea is much more difficult than imagined. But fortunately, it is successful!”

Xiao Zach looked at Ruolin and felt that this former beauty boss seemed to have a strange change. It couldn’t be specifically said but at this moment Ruolin’s entire being was like a polished gemstone which naturally emitted a bright light.

“What about Lord Duke?”

Xiao Zack quickly replied: “The Lord Duke has received the message you sent and has arranged everything on the dock. He sent me to pick you up. I have prepared hundred big carts. You also don’t have to worry about unloading. I’m watching here. You can meet Lord Duke at the Duke’s Mansion! ”

Ruolin raised her eyebrows and smiled: “A hundred cars? I’m afraid … it’s not enough.”

Later, Xiao Zach immediately sent someone to pull the horse over and then led Ruolin to go back to the Duke Mansion.

As for these twenty ships, Xiao Zack immediately mobilized all the manpower. Originally, there were many boatmen and coolies specializing in living at the docks. Seeing such a large fleet docked, they all came to find work.

If Ruolin rode all the way into the city, she didn’t stop at all. She came to the towering and luxurious Duke’s Mansion. As soon as she jumped off the horse, she saw that the door of the Duke’s Mansion had been opened. Many servants and guards came out to greet her and then someone brought Ruolin inside and went all the way to Du Wei’s study room.

This small room was the small study room used by Du Wei’s father, Count Raymond. At this moment, Du Wei was like his father.

When Ruolin pushed the door and came in, Du Wei was sitting behind the desk. When she saw Ruolin coming in, Du Wei just looked up and smiled. Du Wei said, “Well, are you back? Fine, sit down.”

The tone was light and flat as if Ruolin hadn’t been to the sea for more than a year but just sent by him to go around the city at random.

When Ruolin saw Du Wei, she only felt that the young duke seemed to have grown up a little bit. The eyes that had made her dare not look at him now seemed even more unfathomable at the moment! Although his face is laughing, his eyes were shining more brightly. Lord Duke seemed to have gone through many things.

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  1. Xiao Zach HAD already waited anxiously for a while
    When HE(Du Wei) saw Ruolin coming in, Du Wei just looked up

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