Law of the Devil Chapter 347 Part 1

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The seventh day of the New Year!

In the morning, the sun had just risen. On the Lancang Canal leading to the imperial capital, a long fleet of ships was sailing towards the imperial capital. There were twenty large ships. The boatmen who got up early on the shore were surprised. These big ships were all sea ships! Compared with these behemoths, the other merchant ships in the river were much smaller.

In the river near the Imperial capital, there were naturally patrol boats of the security department of the capital. These patrolling boats saw the huge fleet in the distance but they did not dare to block it. Seeing the flags on the ships, they even immediately sent people to clean up the river and ordered all ships to step aside and let this huge fleet go ahead.

“Whose fleet is this? You see, the ships on the river have to make way? Is it the royal family?” A man sitting on the dock couldn’t help asking.

The companion next to him was much older than this person. After listening, he laughed and cursed: “Look at your eyes! Didn’t you see the flag on this ship? Royal? This is not a royal ship but it is not much worse than the royal!

On the foremost ship of the fleet, the mast stood up. A flame tulip flag flutters!

This first large ship was huge but it was covered with dents as if it had experienced an extremely long and difficult voyage…

On the ship’s side and on the deck, there were many traces left after the battle. Even some sailors and others were bandaged. However, all of these sailors were defiant even the injured people look so spirited!

Above the boathouse, a woman stood silently, holding her hands in front of the fence. With a calm look, she looked at the outline of the imperial city that was getting closer and closer.

She didn’t look more than 20 years old. Her face was slightly thin and her long voyage on the sea made her skin not as fair as most Roland women. She looked slightly wheat-colored but this complexion did not reduce her beauty but added a bit of healthy sensuality.

“Master Ruolin, We are here!”

Behind him, a giant man with a strong body like a savage cow came over and bowed his head respectfully. The barbarian giant was dressed up as a sailor with a headscarf on his head and a black eye patch on his left eye.

Ruolin looked at this subordinate and remembered when they first went to sea. His eyes are still intact. He was even somewhat afraid of water.

“Well, yes. We are back.” Ruolin nodded. After tempering of the sea, the last trace of the naivety on face of Ruolin was worn away. At this moment, Ruolin’s eyes showed her tenacity and resilience after the storm. She waved her hand: “Everyone on the boat stands by. Without my permission, no idle people are allowed to board the ship and everyone is not allowed to leave their post!”

On the dock of the Imperial Capital, there were already two hundred soldiers wearing Tulip family guard uniforms waiting. The leader was none other than Zach.

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