Law of the Devil Chapter 346 Part 2

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Soon, the Dragon Prince died, and his body transformed from a human form into a dragon body. Rodriguez and Hussein also respected the Dragon Prince. Hussein took a look at Rodriguez and then took a step back. He pulled out his sword with a sigh and attacked the ground in the distance!

With a bang, a huge deep pit appeared on the ground. The two put the dragon’s corpse into the deep pit. Then Rodriguez cut off dozens of large trees and made a tomb. The Dragon Prince was buried.

Eight days later, in the Duke Mansion of the Imperial Capital, Du Wei looked at Hussein and Rodriguez with a serious look.

After the incident, the two Paladins told everything to Du Wei, causing Du Wei’s face to turn ugly!

He sat on the chair with his brows knitted. He didn’t know how long he had been silent. Finally he heaved a sigh and said, “Three years … three years …”

Suddenly he jumped up and couldn’t help cursing: “Three years! Three years of hell!! Three years later, millions of orcs and elves will cross the ice field! There is also an elven king stronger than the old Dragon King! Damn it! Damn it!! ”

Du Wei clenched his fists: “What do we have? An almost crippled Northern Stormwind Corps? A rebellious Northwest Corps? A Southern Army Corps which is only empty shell? How can they fight with Orcs, Elves and dwarves? Three years, three years!”

Rodriguez groaned: “This cannot be handled by one family alone. If it is to be done, it should be done by entire continent…”

Du Wei nodded, but his expression was not relaxed at all: “The whole continent … what’s the whole continent? Can the entire continent’s strength be used … well, the Pope of the Church seems to know something already. Maybe you can count on the help of the Church but what about the power of the empire? Although soldiers in the army of the empire reach two million but the garrison in those places is like garbage, can it deal with those ferocious orcs? And the Northwest Army…”

Du Wei thought more and more, causing headache. Finally he could not help but yelled out: “Why should this matter fall on my shoulders alone? Dragons … Dragons are finished! Then … what about the goddess of light! Didn’t she cover it from the mainland? Now comes the door? To carry it, it should be her big boss, right? ”

He suddenly remembered something!

When his soul entered into the badge that day, Du Wei 1 seemed to have mentioned:

“This is the biggest crisis that the bitch of the goddess of light has encountered! It is our good chance to defeat her.”

Well, he didn’t remember original sentence but it probably meant that.

Thinking of this, Du Wei calmed down.

At least, this experience should have been experienced by “Du Wei 1” before. And Du Wei 1 did not tell him that human beings perished in the hands of those sinners.

Then… things could still be changed.

After some reassurance, Du Wei asked Rodriguez: “What are the last words of Dragon Prince before his death?

Rodriguez shook his head and smiled bitterly: “He said that he only hoped that those two dragon eggs were a male and a female. Otherwise Dragons race would really become extinct.”

Du Wei hesitated for a moment. He never imagined that the Dragon Prince would say something like this before he died.


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