Law of the Devil Chapter 346 Part 1

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“In the end, my father lost but he did not surrender to that elf and chose to go back on his word and die with dignity. He launched final attack to create opportunity for me to escape with golden dragon eggs…

Before launching last attack my father tasked me to take golden eggs and escape because that was only way to preserve the golden Dragon’s bloodline. My father’s last attack took enemy by surprise, giving me opportunity to successfully take Golden Dragon eggs and escape.

But unfortunately, things did not go as father planned and my younger brothers along with tribe members chose to surrender. My younger brothers chose to discard their dignity as a golden Dragon and offered themselves as the mount to that elf king. My brothers noticed me and attacked me to show their loyalty…

I ended up being seriously injured. After successfully escaping, I got stuck in the storm. Moreover to minimize the backlash caused by the magic barrier, I transferred myself into human form which in return increased by magic consumption. Gradually my mana began to decrease and finally it ran out. But fortunately I got rescued by you two…

Moreover that damn elf king wants to use dragon blood to slowly wear down the magic barrier cast by goddess of light. Once that magic barrier was lifted that elf king along with his army would attack the south.

It will take three years and in these three years all Dragon tribe members will be killed one by one to weaken the seal…”

As Dragon Price recounted everything, anger, hatred and helplessness flashed on his face. Finally everything was replaced by slight smile and relieved expression…

The Dragon Prince seemed to have reached the limit. The blood in his mouth kept pouring out and finally he reached out his hand and lifted the two dragon eggs in his arms: “Please … please give these two…  to Duke of Tulip!”

(T/L: That’s right. The two things Dragon Prince was carrying were two Golden Dragon Eggs.)

At this point, it seemed as if his hands could not hold anymore and his hands fell down heavily. Fortunately, Hussein and Rodriguez hurried one by one and hugged the dragon eggs.

Rodriguez sighed and leaned down. Rodriguez came close to Prince Long’s ear and said softly: “Do you have any last words to say?”

The Prince suddenly opened his eyes and a bitter smile broke out on his face: “I …”

After Rodriguez heard this sentence, a weird expression appeared on his face but he finally said with a sigh: “Be assured! Leave this matter to us.”

The vitality in Prince Long’s eyes gradually dissipated and the signs of life in his pupils finally disappeared, but before his death, the slight smile on his face did not disappear.

Soon, the Dragon Prince died, and his body transformed from a human form into a dragon body. Rodriguez and Hussein also respected the Dragon Prince. Hussein took a look at Rodriguez and then took a step back. He pulled out his sword with a sigh and attacked the ground in the distance!

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