Law of the Devil Chapter 391 Part 2

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And “military affairs are controlled by the General of the Northwest Theater”… These words made people speechless.

This Independent Division was restrained Du Wei’s command. Damn… wasn’t it a private army?!

Even if the Regent trusted Du Wei, it was more like a blind believe. What about the General Andrea? His rank was Lieutenant General. But Du Wei was the General! Didn’t you tell everyone to obey Du Wei’s orders?

As a result, those who had tried hard to rebuild the Northwest Army were disappointed.

Regarding this, the regent’s response was very cold. He did not listen to anyone’s opinions at all. He even avoided the process of soliciting opinions and issued orders directly. What’s more, in the face of all the ministers who once bickered, the young regent coldly said a sentence:

“Anyone who wants to oppose shut up! I didn’t ask your opinion. I just ordered you.”

The first two orders have surprised everyone…

The third order: “General Alpai, Chief of the Fourth Division of the Wangcheng Guards, is transferred to the rank of the newly established ‘Thor’s Whip’ Legion and promoted to the rank of lieutenant general. Given that General Alpai part pated in the eradication of the Northwest Rebellion, he is awarded the Earl’s title (hereditary) for his outstanding performance. Major General Camisiro of the Imperial Command was successful in logistics and planning in the Northwest battle. He is promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General and appointed as Deputy Minister of the Imperial Command.”

This order was surprising though. But the degree of surprise was not as good as the first two. After all, Alpai had become brother-in-law of Regent so his promotion was forecast by many…

Du Wei was in the Giliate city. More specifically, he was in the laboratory in the old governor’s house in Giliate City.

Du Wei has already received the awards and appointment orders. Du Wei was surprised by the rank of General of the Empire. Regent Cheng was really daring!

And as for the Northwest Independent Division, Du Wei could only smile bitterly. In fact, Du Wei and Regent Chen had reached a tacit understanding. This so-called Northwest Independent Division was composed 40,000 soldiers. Out of which 20,000 were regular cavalry infantry mix and the other 20,000 were actually…

Air force!

This was a new army secretly established by the Empire. Prince Chen had no other option. Only Du Wei was the initiator and creator of this plan. Only he could handle it properly.

The army of the Northwest Independent Division was actually the future Imperial Air Force.

He borrowed Du Wei’s birdhouse to incubate his eggs.

But it didn’t matter…

Du Wei was now nervously studying his latest results.

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