Law of the Devil Chapter 391 Part 1

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The second command:

“Given the situation in the Northwest region, the Imperial Northwest Corps was abolished and a new ‘Northwest Independent Division’ was established. The Northwest Independent Division was established with 40,000 soldiers and the division commander will enjoy the treatment equivalent to the rank of the Imperial Corps. At the same time, the Northwest Theater was preserved and adjusted and the province of Desa was divided into the Northwest Theater. The temporary imperial decree about the Northwest Theater was abolished. The Northwest Independent Division stationed in the Watt Fortress and was responsible for the defense of the Northwest…”

The order till here was quite normal and the reconstruction of the Northwest Army was rejected. The Northwest did not need to station another 200,000 soldiers and it was just reasonable to relocate a 40,000 soldiers. As for the abolition of the “War Zone Decree” issued more than 20 years ago, it was also expected. After all, that Decree made the Northwest too reliant on the Northwest Army. In order to prevent the emergence of new warlords in the future, it should be abolished. The original Northwest Theater had two provinces, Nuling and Desa. Now Nuling was separated, leaving only one province, Desa. It was also in a stable situation in the northwest and the theater did not require much consideration.

But … Did Regent forget that the Desa Province was the territory of the Duke of Tulips? When did the Empire classify a noble’s private territory as an Empire war zone?!

And the last few words of this order were enough to make everyone sigh.

“… The Northwest Independent Division is responsible for the defence of Northwest and is not responsible to the Empire’s Command. All military supplies are supplied on-site by the Northwest Theater. General Andrea was transferred from the Stormwind Corps to become the lieutenant general of the Northwest Independent Division. He will enjoy the treatment of the commander of the Imperial Corps. At the same time, the special order, the military affairs of the Northwest Independent Division are subject to the command of Northwest Military General Du Wei.”

What does it mean?

Does the Regent really decide to handover Northwest to Du Wei?

Then you can simply seal him as “Northwest King”!

What Northwest Theater… what Northwest Independent Division… does it make sense?

Although the Northwest Independent Division maintained the designation of the Imperial Army, all the military supplies were supplied by the “Northwest Theater”. Damn it! This so-called Northwest Theater was the domain of Du Wei!

It was equal to Du Wei paying to support the army! After a long time, hadn’t this army become a private army of Du Wei? What a joke! The soldiers of Northwest Independent Division were all sent by Du Wei. So, of course, they were loyal to Du Wei! Everyone regarded Du Wei as a food and clothing providing parent!

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