Law of the Devil Chapter 390 Part 2

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The girl named Delly had a brother who was the division head of the Fourth Division of the Imperial (WangCheng) Guards and had just been promoted a year and a half ago. General Alpai!

After the news came out, it made another sensation in Empire!

The young monarch of the empire married the most famous beauty in the southern aristocracy of the empire. People with a keen sense of politics immediately think of something! Especially after knowing the military achievements of General Alpai in the just-concluded North-western War, everyone realized: I’m afraid this will be a rising star again!

Although General Alpai had just hurriedly led the army back to the capital, his home had already been visited by dozens of guests. Everyone couldn’t wait to curry favor with this rising star.

For a time, Camisiro, Alpai, these two names became the hottest focus in the Imperial City.

Everything was just like when Du Wei suddenly rose to become the Duke of Tulips.

Subsequently, the regent suddenly made his own decision without asking any minister’s opinions, and issued several orders in one breath.

“In view of his outstanding achievements in the war and his great contribution to the empire, honored Duke of Tulip, Du Wei Rudolph, was awarded with the empire’s Outstanding Medal and the Title “Countess of the court” was given to the Countess Vivian, fiancée of Duke Rudolph (lifetime, not hereditary)…”

If this order ended here, it could be considered as within everyone’s expectations. After all, Du Wei had contributed a lot. Everyone knew that his reward was indispensable. These rewards were indeed quite good. But then, the last paragraph of this order was outside everyone’s expectation!

“… At the same time, in view of the Duke of Tulip’s heroic performance for the empire in the war, the Duke of Tulips was appointed as the Chief of Military Affairs of the Northwest Empire. He was also awarded the rank of General!

General rank?!

What’s the meaning of the new official title of “Chief of Military Affairs of the Northwest Empire”?!

However, more surprising thing was yet to be disclosed…

A general’s rank, they didn’t know how many people’s hairs turned gray but can’t obtain General Rank. But this young Du Wei, at the age of seventeen, was awarded the rank of general…

Although he did not serve as the actual commander-in-chief and did not directly lead the empire’s army like other generals, this rank was still very important!

Being a general at the age of seventeen was already anecdotal.

Being a general at the age of seventeen was an eternal anecdote! Never seen before!

If this order shocked everyone, then the second order almost made people think that the Regent had gone crazy!

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