Law of the Devil Chapter 390 Part 1

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Regent had already planned about the Northwest Territories. There was one most important thing now.

That was the construction of the hot air balloons by joint operation of Du Wei and the military. A production base was put into production by the Empire in a military forbidden area thirty miles south of the imperial capital half a year ago.

What Du Wei named it… hmm, “Boeing United Airlines”.

That’s right, it was a weird name. This was a production base jointly invested by Du Wei and the military, specializing in the production of large hot air balloons. Du Wei generously handled some hot air balloon production technology to Empire. This secret production base was only known to some core figures in the empire. At present, according to the progress reported, 1,400 hot-air balloons had been produced in the past six months. In addition, Du Wei also informed him that the gunpowder had been produced and the first shipment would be delivered within one month.

In addition, Du Wei also proposed a special plan, a set of special training methods designed to train soldiers of aerial squad.

What no one knew was that these days the old prime minister had secretly reached an agreement with his assistant, Lord Camisiro.

On this day, there was a good piece of news: the old Prime Minister Rob Schell will marry one of his granddaughters to the Empire’s newcomer 30 year old Camisiro. This marriage also received the blessing of the Regent.

As you could imagine, this was a marriage that was obviously politically coloured. Camisiro had been regarded by many as the future military star. At this time, he married the aristocrat giant with a long history, the old Prime Minister Rob Scher’s family. Undoubtedly, the young Camisiro had got a huge political background and his future would be brilliant!

Everyone couldn’t wait to offer their own blessings, whether it was sincere or not. The house of Camisiro was full of guests at this time.

Another good news came out from the court!

His Royal Highness, Regent Wang Chen, the current lord of the Empire, announced that he would marry again!

Although he was not crowned as emperor, the Regent Chen was already regarded as the emperor. According to the laws of the empire, although he already had a legitimate wife, he could still marry two princesses.

This time, the woman that Prince Chen decided to marry was from an ancient family with a long history from the southern Empire. This family was once glorious before the rise of the Augustinian dynasty. Although it was slightly decayed, it still had a deep foundation.

The girl Regent decided to marry was called Delly. Delly was from the Liszt family in the north.

At the same time, there was a noteworthy detail… especially one that Du Wei would give special attention!

The girl named Delly had a brother who was the division head of the Fourth Division of the Imperial (WangCheng) Guards and had just been promoted a year and a half ago. General Alpai!

After the news came out, it made another sensation in Empire!

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