Law of the Devil Chapter 389 Part 2

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The opposing party was a group of imperial officials headed by the Minister of Finance, who insist that there was no need for a major army in the Northwest. For prairie people, it was enough to have the Duke of Tulips guarding the Northwest of the Empire. Moreover, the Minister of Finance had listed a series of figures, indicating that if the Northwest Army was to be rebuilt, the empire’s finances would bear a huge burden. Even with the generous donation of the Duke of Tulips, the imperial finances would probably be into a serious crisis in the next few years.

Most puzzling thing was that in this debate, as the lord of the Empire, the regent had never said a word. His silent performance was even more profound. Many people on both sides of the dispute had tried every means to try to understand the true thoughts of the regent through various channels. The only clue was: When the Regent was alone in recent days; he was in a very good mood. Someone people even heard the Regent hiding in his room and laughing.

Prince Chen was indeed in a good mood. Watching these ministers quarrel these days, he actually didn’t care at all.

It was true that he hid in the room and laughed wildly.

To be precise, the regent Chen was in a very good mood now. This good mood came from a top-secret battle report!

“A thousand hot air balloons bombarded from high altitude and took less than an hour to defeat the 70,000 cavalry! The ground troops only lost a few thousand people and wiped out the 70,000 cavalry of Lu Gao…

Seeing this report, how can Regent not be ecstatic?

With joy, he was even more determined to engage in special Air forces!

The Northwest Army was so powerful that it made the entire continent look at them with awe. But under the aerial bombardment, they were defeated easily!

The result of this battle made Regent agree to the plan of Du Wei — Building an air force on a large scale.

With such a powerful weapon of war, what are you afraid of war two years later! Humph!

As for the quarrel in the court, Regent remained on the side-lines. With his cleverness, of course, he knew what was going on in the hearts of ministers in favor of rebuilding the Northwest Army Corps… Well, a bunch of stupid people fighting for power!

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