Law of the Devil Chapter 389 Part 1

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One day, an idea suddenly stuck him. He bought two dogs and took out a bit of blood from the Sebasta. First, he fed a dog a few drops of bloods. As a result, the poor dog took less than a moment to die miserable. Du Wei took out a simple needle tube he made and injected a few drops of blood into another dog.

As a result, after a while, the dog transformed. It became crazy and its strength increased by several times. Even the cage that held it almost blasted apart! The iron rod with the thickness of a thumb was bitten in a few bites! The whole body also became extremely strong. The soldiers around it cut seven or eight times before hacking the dog to death.

This result surprised Du Wei. However, he was still confused and he quietly flipped through the notes left by his predecessor. He was looking for some records on the “perfect body”, but unfortunately he could not find any.

He immediately remembered that in the secret passage under the governor’s house in Giliate City that there seemed to be the corpses of the strange creatures left by the former Witch (Shaman) King Gu Lanxiu for experimentation.

It was a pity that he was busy with things, he intended to wait for the matter to be dealt with. He would take Sebasta to the city of Giliate. He would re-enter the secret passage and dig out the bodies of strange creatures to take a closer look.

(T/N: There is a side story here. I will translate it later)

The civil war that broke out in the Empire of Roland in the spring of Year 964 which had caused the Empire a headache for many days finally ended with the defeat of Northwest Army.

In order to win this victory, the Empire paid a total of 14 million gold coins for the war. The headache for the Empire was that after the war, the Northwest Corps disappeared so there was no one to guard the Northwest. Another debate broke out whether to rebuild the Northwest Corps in the north western region of the empire to defend the border.

Over this, a large-scale dispute began in the imperial court. Some people think that there were prairie people in the northwest of the empire. Even though there were some internal disturbances on the prairie, the prairie people were brutal and barbarian. They were like wolves.

Others believed that the Empire now had the Duke of Tulips in the northwest and the Duke’s territory, Desa Province, was on the border area. The Tulip family already had tens of thousands of private troops which were enough to serve as the empire’s frontier.

The two sides argued over this issue. After all, rebuilding the Northwest Army Corps, such a major matter involved interests of various parties. Rebuilding a new Northwest Army Corps naturally required the promotion of a large number of senior general officers. It was also the position of heavy power. Many of the nobles in the empire which had military backgrounds were naturally trying their best. They hope that this resolution could be passed and after the reconstruction of the Northwest Army, people from their families could get in and gain a high position.

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