Law of the Devil Chapter 388 Part 2

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Du Wei was in deep regret, though. After all, Lu Gao would definitely try to take revenge. Doing things like assassination was quite easy for him with his abilities. He was afraid that he would cause many troubles! Although he was quite powerful now and there were many masters around him, after all, he had relatives, friends and fiancée. If Lu Gao started to deal with those people, it was also inevitable… it was a headache.

But looking at Rodriguez’s pale face, Du Wei knew he couldn’t blame him, after all, he and Hussein had done their best. Lu Gao was a disciple of the former Witch (Shaman) King. He was afraid that his strength was above the Rodriguez’s teacher.

After letting Rodriguez go to rest, Du Wei frowned for a while. After thinking for a long time, he sighed and sent a secret letter to the prairie to Saladin. He told the guy to pay more attention to the situation. Besides this, Du Wei had no other way.

This was not good news but Du Wei calmed himself, after all, he had a lot of work to do now.

The captives of the Northwest Army had all been handed over to Longbatton to bring them together. The official document of had been sent to capital.

And Du Wei was concerned about another important thing.


This guy, who had become a beast, had been detained by Du Wei using a magic spell in his residence.

Over the past few days, Du Wei had tried several methods, and he was unable to awaken the consciousness of Sebasta. This poor fellow had lost all his memories and completely turned into a beast without wisdom.

But even so, Sebasta’s strength still surprised Du Wei. Sebasta seemed to have evolved. Previously, he was only good at frost fighting spirit but now his fighting spirit had faint mix of light and dark magic waves in it!

Moreover, his weird physical state made Du Wei curious.

In the past few days, Du Wei had taken the time to do some research. He even took a bit of blood from Sebasta to study. Du Wei had already made a simple microscope based on his previous life knowledge to study Sebasta’s blood. Unfortunately, Du Wei’s original knowledge of this aspect was almost blank so no results were found.

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