Law of the Devil Chapter 388 Part 1

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Finally on this day, Du Wei received a message that he had waited for many days!

Rodriguez was back!

The Rodriguez came back alone and his face was not very good. After returning, Rodriguez brought Du Wei a piece of bad news…

When fighting Lu Gao’s cavalry that day, two Paladins were responsible for intercepting Lu Gao on the battlefield. Although Lu Gao was also very strong, after all, it was still far from being the White River. Under the pinch of the two Paladins, he could only flee.

Lu Gao was really decisive. Seeing that his army was defeated, he actually did not turn around and went back to the Guwadolo round. He actually made a difficult decision and abandoned his defeated army. He ran away to the west! Anyway, the soldiers had been defeated. The defeat of the cavalry had caused his entire battle plan to fail and it was meaningless to go back to join Guwadolo. Lu Gao fled to the west. Under the close pursuit of Rodriguez and Hussein, the three men went west. They ran across the entire Desa province. They even passed Loulan City and ran straight into the northwest corridor!

Lu Gao was not to be underestimated. With the support of Frost Fighting Spirit and Snow Mountain Witchcraft, he could still flee so many days under the pursuit of the two Paladins.

Three entered the desert area outside Mount Kilimaro. If they continued to run forward, after crossing the desert, they would enter the northwest prairie. And at this time, finally, Rodriguez and Hussein caught up with Lugo!

The three Holy Order warriors had a big battle over the desert. Hussein stabbed Lu Gao with the sword. He also cut off the right thumb of Lu Gao on the spot. Lu Gao was desperate and succeeded in heavily injuring Hussein.

Lu Gao ran away. Hussein was unable to chase because of serious injury and Rodriguez could only return with Hussein. Rodriguez left the Hussein in the Loulan City to heal and returned alone.

“Hussein’s injury is not a big problem but I’m afraid it will take a while to heal. As for Lu Gao… this guy is really cunning. His frost fighting spirit is very powerful. The two of us worked hard to stop him. He was pierced in the chest by Hussein’s stab. His right thumb was also cut off. Even after his injury, his strength will be discounted in the short term. Just unfortunately, he finally ran away…”

Du Wei nodded: “Well, I know. In fact, I should have thought of Lu Gao. His greatest enemy in his life was White River. I think he tried leading the army westward to enter the prairie, not only to escape but also to rely on his 70,000 cavalry to make waves on the prairie. His final goal is still Snow Mountain. Now he ran back to the prairie alone. With his temper, he will certainly not give up on revenge. I am afraid that he remains dormant for a short time. But after all, the prairie is White River’s territory. White River will not let Lu Gao live.”

Du Wei was in deep regret, though. After all, Lu Gao would definitely try to take revenge. Doing things like assassination was quite easy for him with his abilities. He was afraid that he would cause many troubles! Although he was quite powerful now and there were many masters around him, after all, he had relatives, friends and fiancée. If Lu Gao started to deal with those people, it was also inevitable… it was a headache.

But looking at Rodriguez’s pale face, Du Wei knew he couldn’t blame him, after all, he and Hussein had done their best. Lu Gao was a disciple of the former Witch (Shaman) King. He was afraid that his strength was above the Rodriguez’s teacher.

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