Law of the Devil Chapter 387 Part 2

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At this moment, the tension in the barracks was so intense that thousands of soldiers rushed to Guwadolo’s tent to verify it. Guwadolo ordered to kill anyone who dared to disobey military order. Under the strict military law, those soldiers were gradually dispersed… but even law enforcement soldiers dare not look at the faces of their colleagues.

Everyone had already believed Duke of Tulip.

General Lu Gao really lost?! 70,000 cavalry was defeated?!

That night, the deserters appeared again in the Northwest Army, but this time, Guwadolo was too lazy to control it, he knew that things were irreversible.

Morale had fallen to its lowest point. When the number of soldiers was counted the next day, more than a thousand people disappeared. When Guwadolo inspected, he could feel those soldiers were looking at him with faint anger.

But to this day, Du Wei and the Empire’s army had not yet attacked.

Guwadolo had understood that Du Wei was not going to attack any soon. The main cavalry in the west had completely failed. The news spread throughout his barracks. The soldiers had no fighting spirit and even large-scale deserters have appeared. Du Wei was not in a hurry now, he was afraid this guy didn’t even want to fight! Just wait another two days and his army would collapse on its own.

Early that day, after the whining horn blew, the imperial forces in several directions launched attacks simultaneously.

Guwadolo was originally prepared to fight protracted warfare and the fence outside the barracks surrounded the entire Northwest Army. Moreover, they did not lack long-range attack weapons and even strong ballistae. They also dug many trenches around the Northwest army barracks.

An infantry division under the command of Governor Bohan was the first one to launch frontal attack. Soldiers rushed forward, holding shields to resist the bows and arrows of the Northwest Army. After paying the price of 1,000 people, they barely filled the trenches in the south of Northwest Army with sandbags. Immediately after that, Guwadolo organized a team of 1,000 trusted soldiers to kill out. These blatant guys didn’t even wear armor. They rushed out and chopped the soldiers sent by Governor Bohan to fill the ditch.

Blood was flowing like a river and the dead bodies were everywhere. After all, Bohan was not born as a general and lacked military talent. Seeing this, he did not order to send reinforcements but instead ordered people to retreat.

At this time, WangCheng guards also attacked. Soon they successfully killed 1,000 soldiers sent by Guwadolo. After that joint forces of WangCheng Guards and Bohan attacked the Northwest Army. Battle continued till dawn and finally WangCheng Guards and Bohan emerged victorious.

In all this mess, Du Wei sent his soldiers to capture Sebasta who was set free by Guwadolo. It was very hard to stop but finally he was anaesthetized by drug made by Du Wei. In this battle Du Wei did not participate at all.

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