Law of the Devil Chapter 387 Part 1

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Almost all of the ground-based trebuchets started throwing armors for more than hour. For more than an hour, Guwadolo didn’t know how many armors that had been stripped from prisoners of war were thrown out. Du Wei thought it was okay. With the wave of hand, the city gate opened and 500 cavalry of the Tulip family rushed out on horseback. They quickly passed the battlefield and threw the armors on the ground. Then they turned around and ran back.

For a while, at least thousands of armors were placed in the middle of the battlefield!

Guwadolo couldn’t laugh. He couldn’t even say a word!

Even if Du Wei is crazy, he won’t made thousands of armors… Is it true that Lord Lu Gao has already lost?!

Fake! It must be fake! With the financial strength and cunningness of the Duke of Tulips, forging a thousand sets of armor… is not difficult!

Guwadolo wanted to convince himself like this but then city gate opened again. From there, more than a hundred soldiers of the Tulip family came out, followed by hundreds of dejected prisoners of war. These were captives of the Northwest Army including two commanders. The captives were tied with a rope one by one. The soldiers of the Tulip family behind them threatened them with the swords. They rushed down from the city toward the Northwest Army Camp.

As they ran, they were yelling because of fear that someone would shot.

Guwadolo’s face was pale and he finally lost the last trace of hope in his heart. Watching these hundreds of people running on the battlefield, a trace of viciousness flashed in his heart. He was about to order the archers to shoot them dead but he turned around and saw many officers and soldiers behind him. All had a look of despair and paleness. Guwadolo knew that it was no longer possible to kill people.

He could only sigh and waved to send someone out to respond.

“Take these hundreds people back and watch them carefully. Also send someone to guard them. Without my order, no one is allowed to contact others!” Guwadolo sighed and gave order. But even he knew that this order actually didn’t make much sense.

At this moment, a huge Tulip flag was raised above the fortress wall in the distance and Du Wri came on the wall with armour and then smiled slightly. Taking a deep breath, he said word by word. Because of using magic, his voice spread throughout the battlefield.

“Guwadolo! Your cavalry of the Northwest Army has already been defeated by me! The 70,000 Army collapsed and Lu Gao was either killed or captured! Your Northwest Army is over! Now that you have no chance, it is better to surrender early and let these soldiers have a way of life! I guarantee in the name of the Duke of Tulips that those who surrendered will not be killed!”

At this moment, the hundreds of captives had already entered the Northwest Army’s camp. When Du Wei’s words spread throughout the site, thousands of North-western troops rushed to the camp and some of them couldn’t wait to ask the prisoners of war for evidence. It was only under Guwadolo’s order that his close soldiers scared them with weapons. Moreover, no one was allowed to approach those prisoners of war nor were they allowed to speak.

At this moment, the tension in the barracks was so intense that thousands of soldiers rushed to Guwadolo’s tent to verify it. Guwadolo ordered to kill anyone who dared to disobey military order. Under the strict military law, those soldiers were gradually dispersed… but even law enforcement soldiers dare not look at the faces of their colleagues.

Everyone had already believed Duke of Tulip.

General Lu Gao really lost?! 70,000 cavalry was defeated?!

That night, the deserters appeared again in the Northwest Army, but this time, Guwadolo was too lazy to control it, he knew that things were irreversible.

Morale had fallen to its lowest point. When the number of soldiers was counted the next day, more than a thousand people disappeared. When Guwadolo inspected, he could feel those soldiers were looking at him with faint anger.

But to this day, Du Wei and the Empire’s army had not yet attacked.

Guwadolo had understood that Du Wei was not going to attack any soon. The main cavalry in the west had completely failed. The news spread throughout his barracks. The soldiers had no fighting spirit and even large-scale deserters have appeared. Du Wei was not in a hurry now, he was afraid this guy didn’t even want to fight! Just wait another two days and his army would collapse on its own.

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