Law of the Devil Chapter 386 Part 2

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In the evening, Guwadolo thought for a long time and finally made up his mind: Don’t continue to delay! Tomorrow, no matter what, the whole army will decisively fight and take the initiative to launch an attack! If I wait a few more days, I am afraid that Northwest Army will not have much fighting power left.

At dawn, Guwadolo stepped out of the tent and conveyed the order for everyone to prepare for battle. He planned to launch attack at noon… This order was only transmitted for less than an hour and Du Wei shot an arrow again.

This time, Du Wei gave Guwadolo a blow. Is really deadly!

When the sun just rose, the trebuchet of the Tulip family suddenly threw dozens of things. Soldiers were surprised, not knowing what was happening.

Those things landed about 100 meters outside the Northwest Army camp.

Guwadolo immediately yelled at the soldiers behind him: “Send a hundred people! Bring those things!”

Soon, a hundred soldiers rushed out and ran onto the battlefield. He carried back the thing thrown out of the city with a trebuchet. But when he saw these things, Guwadolo was dumbfounded!


All were armor! They had scratches, blood stains and lot of them were broken… But the problem was that all these armors were of the Northwest Army’s cavalry! The 70,000 cavalry that Lord Lu Gao took away all wore these type of armors!

Du Wei threw these things out, what is he trying to do? Want to mess with my army?

Make me think that Lord Gao’s cavalry is defeated?

An officer under him saw these things and exclaimed aloud, “Ah! It is the cavalry armor of our Northwest Army! Brothers… are the brothers who have gone west …”


He hasn’t finished talking yet. Guwadolo went up and he kicked on officer’s hips and cursed, “You are an idiot, aren’t you? General Lu Gao has 70,000 soldiers! Now the Tulip family’s army is staring at us from the city. How can General Lu Gao fail! Does Du Wei have so many soldiers?! Stupid! ”

His words were deliberately said aloud and many soldiers and officers who heard him around nodded.

Yes, to defeat the 70,000 elite soldiers, the opponent’s soldiers must have at least 70,000! Although his Duke of Tulips claimed to have 100,000 coalition forces (Tulips and Rowlings). Most of them were new troops and there were definitely not powerful as 70,000 cavalry! It was impossible to defeat the cavalry led by our general Lu Gao.

Correct! These armors must have been forged by the other side to cause chaos in our army! This must be the case!

“Haha…! Du Wei, you are too naïve. You think you can deceive our army with dozens of sets of forged broken armor!” Guwadolo laughed deliberately.

But after a minute, he really couldn’t laugh.

Dozens of armors can be forged… but what about hundreds? Thousands?

Not enough? What about hundreds of prisoners of war?

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