Law of the Devil Chapter 386 Part 1

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Guwadolo was angry, very angry.

As a self-confided soldier, he felt that Du Wei insulted the sacred word “Military”!

Guwadolo was like a little girl who had been teased. He immediately rushed to write a condemnation letter reprimanding Du Wei for lacking courage and no military honor and then ordered people to shoot it into the city with bows and arrows.

This time Du Wei still gave a reply very quickly but after seeing Du Wei’s reply, Guwadolo almost passed out.

Du Wei’s reply was this: Today I’m in a bad mood and don’t want to fight.

Oh shit! You can insult my people but you cannot insult my IQ!

Guwadolo felt like he was slap hard.

No! I have to write a letter and scold this asshole! Scolded him for not being a man! Guwadolo pushed his men away and grabbed his pen.

But at this time, the attendant rushed in and reported anxiously, “Sir! It’s bad. Some assholes gathered the soldiers to come to the military tent to complain, saying that there is no wine and meat for lunch today. They are very dissatisfied. They want to eat meat drink wine. ”

At this moment the Guwadolo’s face was very ugly, staring at the attendant with murderous eyes.

After a long time, he suddenly waved weakly like a discouraged ball: “Go.”

“But …” The attendant who didn’t get an accurate response from the general still asked hesitantly: “Do I send wine or meat?

“Wine! Beef! Give them to eat! Damn!” Guwadolo’s growl came from the tent.

Three days passed and similar thing happened again and again, making it hard for Guwadolo to handle the soldiers.

As time passed, soldiers became more and more anxious.

No matter how hard Guwadolo worked, even if he had the ability and experience to lead the army, morale would gradually collapse.

Most importantly, he was not the real commander of the Northwest Army. If Lu Gao was here, or he could rely on his status as the leader of the Northwest Army and many years of benevolence, to get the soldier’s sworn allegiance. But Guwadolo did not have this ability.

The wine, meat and the temptation to get promotion may be effective once or twice, but if it was used too much, it was useless.

Why is it useless? Although most soldiers were not educated, after all, they were no fools. Providing reward for three days was weird. They were surrounded by the enemies. They were expecting “General Lu Gao’s return”.

On the evening of the tenth day, Guwadolo got a piece of news.

The deserters appeared!

Many people were sceptical of the current situation. That night, a small group of soldiers tried to flee. When the other patrolling soldiers found them, they immediately drew arrows. They shot and killed more than a dozen people on the spot and caught three.

This incident made Guwadolo’s heart cold. He was even a little absent-minded even when dealing with these deserters He only casually said the word “kill”.

In the evening, Guwadolo thought for a long time and finally made up his mind: Don’t continue to delay! Tomorrow, no matter what, the whole army will decisively fight and take the initiative to launch an attack! If I wait a few more days, I am afraid that Northwest Army will not have much fighting power left.

At dawn, Guwadolo stepped out of the tent and conveyed the order for everyone to prepare for battle. He planned to launch attack at noon… This order was only transmitted for less than an hour and Du Wei shot an arrow again.

This time, Du Wei gave Guwadolo a blow. Is really deadly!

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