Law of the Devil Chapter 385 Part 2

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Because they were magicians, it didn’t matter if they end up as cannon fodder. In the minds of these magicians, they were invited to help by Lu Gao of the Northwest Army. In the end, they helped him fight a battle. As for winning and losing, they didn’t care as long as they worked hard. They were noble magicians! Lu Gao could only ask them but he could not order. Moreover, even if they knew Lu Gao was rebellious, it didn’t matter. Magicians have legal immunity. As long as you go to the magic union to express your attitude, you will be fine. In the empire’s history, empire never held the magicians responsible. They were still a class who was above the law.

Therefore, they did not find Guwadolo troublesome until the last minute.

After greeting these magicians, Guwadolo carefully told them that there would be a real war and he hoped to get their help. With the promise of the magicians, Guwadolo left.

He couldn’t help feeling a little envious of Du Wei. He had heard that the Duke of Tulips had many magicians under his belt and they… were really obedient to him. Unlike himself who had to serve these guys like an uncle.

Guwadolo returned to his tent and ordered his guards to not let anyone approach his tent.

After entering the tent, Guwadolo stood outside Sebasta’s cage and watched him squatting inside the cage, like a beast. The young general squatted there, whispering something to himself. He clutched his own hair like a poor guy.

Guwadolo threw a piece of cooked beef into the cage.

Watching this former young general who stood out as a brave man, squatting there like a barbarian and eating beef, Guwadolo sighed softly.

“Sebasta, tomorrow, it’s all over. At that time, I will give you a sword and bring you to the battlefield. By that time, I hope you can die on the battlefield. On top of that, it’s considered as dying with some dignity.”

Unfortunately, Guwadolo guessed wrongly, “Tomorrow” was not the end.

The next day, Guwadolo already held the belief that he would die. He summoned all the senior officers in his tent and then ordered the whole army to be ready to battle…

In the early morning, fifty thousand soldiers of Northwest infantry came out of the barracks to battle. They stood for an hour under the cold wind but no one came to fight…

“What’s going on?” Even Guwadolo was surprised. Looking at Du Wei’s reinforcements yesterday, he immediately ordered someone to shoot a letter again with a bow and arrow.

Then he quickly got a reply from Du Wei: Let’s fight tomorrow!

Guwadolo then made up his mind. He took out gold coins, meat and wine to stir up the morale of the soldiers!

But the cold wind blew his face and the fortress in the distance was still closed. The soldiers above the city wall looked at the Northwest Army below as if they had no interest at all.

The Tulip family’s army never came out of fortress to battle.

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