Law of the Devil Chapter 385 Part 1

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Guwadolo coldly glanced at everyone and then announced in a loud voice: “Who is messing with our army and talking nonsense, I just cut his head off! I assure you everything is going according to the plan and the enemy has been attracted by us! Marshal Lu Gao’s cavalry is coming and when the time come, we will wipe out the enemy!”

How many people still believe this statement, Guwadolo didn’t know. But he knew that this was a critical moment. He immediately sent people to the warehouse behind his tent to carry out more than 20 large boxes. Then, he looked at the anxious officers and soldiers. Looking at the crowd of more than a thousand people gathered around him, Guwadolo went to boxes and pulled out his long sword. A fierce sword strike shattered the corner of the wooden box and a lot of gold coins flowed out of the box. Guwadolo grabbed some gold coins and shouted with his head upright, “This battle is crucial! Ladies and gentlemen, if we lost… then you don’t need me to say it! Lord Lu Gao commanded me to reward brave soldiers and kill cowards! Pass my military order; we will fight decisive battle tomorrow morning. Tonight every soldier in the army will be rewarded with a pound of meat and each tent will be rewarded with a pot of wine! In addition, each person will be given double salary!! ”

Regardless, Guwadolo’s approach worked.

Suddenly, everyone’s fighting spirit reignited. Even some officers who had lost their courage long ago looked at the golden gold coins and could not help but feel fired up.

Gold Coins! Who doesn’t like gold coins?

Watching their commander made a guarantee, there was meat to eat and wine to drink… who was not happy?

Looking at the cheering soldiers around, Guwadolo was relieved.

But a bit of bitterness was born slowly.

Tomorrow … Do we have tomorrow?

After instructing his subordinate officers to distribute the wine and meat, Guwadolo quietly left.

He first came to a huge, almost luxurious tent behind the military tent.

It wasn’t anyone else who lived here, but the “Noble Guests” of the Northwest Army, a dozen respectable magicians.

Compared to the soldiers, these magicians did not bother Guwadolo even though they were more difficult to serve. These distinguished gentlemen demanded the best treatment. Some of them ask to drink fresh honey every day. Some of them asked that one hundred meters area around their tent should not be disturbed to avoid disturbing their magic test. Other magicians required a living creature to be sent every day. Of course, cows, sheep, chickens and ducks were all right.

Guwadolo satisfied these “Noble Guests” one by one.

In addition, these magicians didn’t care at all whether they were abandoned or not.

Because they were magicians, it didn’t matter if they end up as cannon fodder. In the minds of these magicians, they were invited to help by Lu Gao of the Northwest Army. In the end, they helped him fight a battle. As for winning and losing, they didn’t care as long as they worked hard. They were noble magicians! Lu Gao could only ask them but he could not order. Moreover, even if they knew Lu Gao was rebellious, it didn’t matter. Magicians have legal immunity. As long as you go to the magic union to express your attitude, you will be fine. In the empire’s history, empire never held the magicians responsible. They were still a class who was above the law.

Therefore, they did not find Guwadolo troublesome until the last minute.

After greeting these magicians, Guwadolo carefully told them that there would be a real war and he hoped to get their help. With the promise of the magicians, Guwadolo left.

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