Law of the Devil Chapter 384 Part 2

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The soldiers on the lookout tower looked at the distance in the east and then yelled in horror. They immediately went to commander tent to inform Guwadolo…

At noon, everyone heard the sound of an army march from the distance, the sound of rustling footsteps. It was coming from few miles away…

After everyone saw the flag of enemy armys, it was a huge blow to the confidence of Northwest military generals!

Everyone could see those flags. It was the Stormwind Corps of the North! There was also flag of WangCheng army!

More than 10,000 northern elite cavalry led by Andrea of the Stormwind Army came from the northeast and quickly entered the Northwest Army’s alert range. Then they did not immediately attack but bypassed the Northwest Army’s battalion and ran all to the way the side of the Tulip Family Fortress. Finally, they began to set up camp in the north of fortress.

To the south, the 20,000 infantry of the WangCheng Guards was also arriving. They advanced with steady pace. They stayed behind the Northwest Army camp and started camping without any hassle.

Some veterans in the Northwest Army climbed up to the lookout tower. They could probably guess the number of these enemies based on the opponent’s flag.

The regular army of the Empire was coming! There were at least 10,000 cavalry and more than 20,000 infantry. And to make the situation worse, the soldiers of the Tulip family in the city just surrounded their army!

In the evening, the last trace of hope was also lost.

A new army arrived again in the south under the flag of the Governor of the Nuling Province, Bohan. They were at least 30,000 of them.

The Northwest Army was completely surrounded and even the last gap was blocked.

All Northwest Army soldiers understand: We are surrounded! And the enemies are several times in number than us.

At this time, even if the General Lu Gao returned, they were afraid that it would be difficult to win. Moreover, who’s sure that General Lu Gao will return?

The army’s heart began to sway and even Guwadolo could not stabilize the army’s heart. He understood… it’s time!

He bought eight days of time for Lu Gao and had basically completed his plan. Next step was to fight the enemy in a real battle, to kill enemy as much as possible and to made the empire lose its soldiers and horses…

General Lu Gao, I hope you are safe now.

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