Law of the Devil Chapter 384 Part 1

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Du Wei looked at the soldiers and smiled slightly. Wen Yan said, “I naturally know that you are all loyal warriors. I also trust your ability and courage. The Northwest Army is bound to perish. This broken ship will definitely sink. Now we just need to watch slowly from one side. Why should we provoke the other party’s madness? By give them chance to bite us before dying? Since we can minimize the sacrifice of the soldiers, we should. Just follow the previous plan, wear off their spirit and then wait for them to receive the news of Lu Gao’s defeat. At that time, it will be the best opportunity. Moreover this way our reinforcement will also arrive then we can surround them. ”

Three days later

For the next three days, Guwadolo also sent several teams to attack the city symbolically every day. Rather than siege, it would be more appropriate to call “harass”.

Du Wei also took this opportunity to let new recruits know how real battles were like. How was it felt to be on battlefield?

Three days later, 20,000 new recruits took turns on the battlefield. They saw the blood and corpses. Although these battles were not too fierce and even a bit turbulent, at least the temperament of these soldiers had finally changed.

After all, the real army was trained on battlefield!

Guwadolo thought that he was using the “dragging” tactic to the fullest. Sometimes, he sent fifty to sixty soldiers in one day and took turns to attack the city. Each attack only took a while. They immediately withdrew after some time. They were hoping to use this frequent harassment tactics to keep Du Wei busy so that Du Wei would not have the energy to send soldiers to chase Lu Gao. But they didn’t know it, it was exactly what Du Wei wanted.

And Du Wei… He was more worried about Hussein and Rodriguez at the moment!

It had been four days since the two men chased Lu Gao but they have not returned. There was no news at all. Even the Decepticon team sent out to search around could not find any clue.

Six days later

Alas, six days, six days, Lord Lu Gao should have passed through Desa province to enter the northwest corridor.

Soldiers and other general did not know that they were abandoned. If they knew they would definitely try to flee for their life. Only Guwadolo knew the real purpose of infantry.

The ordinary soldiers were easy to be deceived but those officers and the commanding generals were no fool. His lies deceived the soldiers. But those officers were military individuals.

Guwadolo could clearly feel that these past two days some officers looked at him with dim eyes. Guwadolo was getting really anxious now.

Lord Lu Gao, have you successfully reached Prairie?

However, no matter how anxious Guwadolo was, he had no way now. The only thing he could do was to buy as much as time possible.

By the eighth day, the crucial moment came!

The soldiers on the lookout tower looked at the distance in the east and then yelled in horror. They immediately went to commander tent to inform Guwadolo…

At noon, everyone heard the sound of an army march from the distance, the sound of rustling footsteps. It was coming from few miles away…

After everyone saw the flag of enemy armys, it was a huge blow to the confidence of Northwest military generals!

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