Law of the Devil Chapter 383 Part 2

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Having said that, he raised the curtain and stepped out of the tent, ordering no one to enter inside.

He then called his lieutenant and asked, “Have the war drums been played?”

The lieutenant sweated heavily and replied, “Yes, General! A moment ago, I have a soldier shot arrow with letter at the fortress, asking for battling tomorrow.”

“Um.” Guwadolo nodded.

But then the vice general replied with a look of embarrassment: “General, they have just replied.”

“Oh?” Guwadolo said, “Responded? Did they agree? Du Wei, that guy must have hated me in his heart. After all, I have once launched siege on him before. He must have agreed to have decisive battle tomorrow with me.”

“No …” Lieutenant General’s voice became stranger.

“No? How did he answer?”

Lieutenant General took out something from his arms: “This is a reply from the city just now.”

After Guwadolo opened the letter, he took a glance and his facial colour changed immediately!

In the reply that Du Wei ordered soldiers to shoot with a bow and arrow, he said, “Let’s fight slowly! You are not in a hurry and I am also not in a hurry.”

Guwadolo glanced at it and felt like Du Wei had seen through his own plan!

This Duke of Tulips knows that his task is to delay time here?

I’m not in a hurry nor is he in a hurry? What does it mean?

Did he know the intention of General Lu Gao to leave the infantry here? Or did he arrange soldiers to block General Lu Gao in Desa province?

In this era there were no telephones, no telegraphs, not even communication systems. At this time, the wisdom and abilities of the commander-in-chief would be fully tested.

Although Guwadolo was full of suspicion, he didn’t know that Lu Gao’s army had been already annihilated. He didn’t know that he had been duped by Du Wei.

Du Wei stood on the city wall and looked away for a while, seeing the movements in Guwadolo’s barracks. This guy was very capable commander. The barracks was heavily guarded. Although everyone was busy but it was not chaotic, it could be seen that the Northwest Army was indeed elite.

And what made Du Wei feel funny was that this Guwadolo actually ordered to set giant wooden fence around the camp to make a circle around the camp. He even had some people dug a trench outside the camp… It seemed that he was very attentive.

The more Du Wei looked the more funny he became. Then he summoned Longbatton’s subordinates and asked how they were going to deal with those prisoners of war. Then he said, “Send a team of thousand soldiers to search for any escape roots on the Northwest Cavalry battlefield. Also ensure that Guwadolo’s scouts did not cross our line of defense. Don’t let Guwadolo know that Lu Gao’s cavalry is finished!”

Some people were puzzled: “Master Duke, we have won a great victory. If we let Guwadolo know, I’m afraid they will be even more desperate, isn’t it better?”

Du Wei shook his head: “Dogs jump over the wall, don’t you understand this? They just came here. They are full of vigour. At this time, if we let them know this news, maybe Guwadolo’s temper will flare up and he will attack us hard.”

One of the generals said: “Sir, we are not afraid of their attack!”

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