Law of the Devil Chapter 383 Part 1

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Looking at the incomprehensible look of Knight Robert, Du Wei sighed: “Although infantry walk slowly, they carry a lot of weapons! There were bows and arrows. There maybe even have ballistae! In that case, won’t hot air balloons be in danger?”

Du Wei stood up and looked at Knight Robert: “The General Longbatton has completed his mission and beautifully killed Lu Gao’s cavalry! As long as we can kill their infantry… Northwest will not be threat anymore!”

After pausing for a while, Du Wei slowly said: “Generals receive my order. Anyone who beheads the enemy will receive ten bounty coins! Catch one alive and reward twenty!”

“The living is more valuable than the dead?” Someone asked.

Du Wei sighed: “After all, they are also the people of the empire. Moreover, captives are better than corpses.”

Later, Du Wei took the generals to the tower. Above the horizon, a line of infantry appeared. A huge black flag in the middle showed the uniformity of this army.

“Guwadolo!” Du Wei sneered, holding the city wall lightly: “It was you who led the army to besiege my capital city. Now, it is you who brought the soldier to hit me.”

The trumpets and war drums throbbed. After these infantry arrived under the city, instead of rushing to attack the city, they actually started to camp. It looked as if he was preparing for a protracted battle!

Du Wei looked at the distance and sighed softly: “What a Guwadolo! It seems that he is going to die for Lu Gao’s loyalty! Huh, have you decided to send a cannon fodder? Fight a long-term battle to hold us back and let Lu Gao run as far as possible? Unfortunately, this guy hasn’t got any news yet. Lu Gao has been wiped out.”

Du Wei was right. Guwadolo had not heard that Lu Gao’s entire army had been annihilated. After ordering the camp, he looked at the Tulip battle flag on the far wall and sighed softly.

Lord Lu Gao, I, Guwadolo have completed my mission! You can run as far as possible! I will stick here like a nail. Whether it is the army of the Tulip family, Bohan’s soldiers, the WangCheng Guards or the Stormwind Corps… I will fight them all for you!

Instead of rushing to attack, he ordered to set camp and returned to his tent.

Around the tent, Guwadolo kept two hundred guards outside and no one was allowed to approach.

He entered the tent. A square iron cage made of metal was placed inside. There were depressing beast like roars coming from inside.

Guwadolo’s face was complicated, looking at the man in the cage. He sighed in a low voice: “Oh, Young General… You might as well die if you live like this. But rest assured that before I die, I will personally kill you so that you won’t be captured by the enemy!”

In the iron cage, the injured Sebasta was trying to get out of the iron cage but every time he tried to destroy the iron cage, an electric light burst from the iron cage and hit him, knocking him down.

Guwadolo sighed. After that he firmly held the hilt of his sword at the waist and said arrogantly, “Generals! Fight to death!”

Having said that, he raised the curtain and stepped out of the tent, ordering no one to enter inside.

He then called his lieutenant and asked, “Have the war drums been played?”

The lieutenant sweated heavily and replied, “Yes, General! A moment ago, I have a soldier shot arrow with letter at the fortress, asking for battling tomorrow.”

“Um.” Guwadolo nodded.

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