Law of the Devil Chapter 382 Part 2

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On the battlefield, countless people knelt on the ground. Longbatton ordered his men to gather these people but found that there were too many of them. Thousands of them could not take care of them.

So he called reinforcement. Du Wei sent an infantry battalion.

The results of this battle were extremely brilliant!

A total of 70,000 Northwest Army cavalry were defeated by Du Wei!

Out of the 70,000 North-western soldiers, 34,000 were killed, 16,000 were injured and more than 19,000 surrendered (half-injured).

As for Du Wei’s losses, only less than three thousand were left out of Longbatton’s 8,000 elites and all of them were wounded. Two hundred ballistae were destroyed by the angered Northwest Army’s soldiers who rushed to the front.

Any of those who later learned of the results of the war were horrified by the combat effectiveness of Du Wei’s Tulip army!

With less than 6,000 casualties, they defeated a whole 70,000 most elite Northwest Army cavalry?!

And after Du Wei got the result, he just sighed softly and then said something that made his generals feel moved.

“The era of cavalry has ended in my hands.”

At this time, after checking the battlefield, Du Wei’s only unease was:

What about Lu Gao?!

Rodriguez and Hussein were both ordered to intercept Lu Gao. As a result, the three strong men fought farther and farther above the sky. Nobody knew where they were fighting.

Lu Gao must die!

After sending the Decepticon team to search for Rodriguez and Hussein, Du Wei ordered the army to prepare for battle in the city!

Killing the cavalry of the Northwest Army was of course, a brilliant result. But Du Wei knew that he was “tricked”!

No archers, no heavy weapons, no ballistae, no magicians… when such cavalry encounter the Air force (Hot air Balloons), they could just take beating passively.

But infantry left by Lu Gao was different.

Lu Gao had high hopes for the infantry. He hoped that the infantry could drag on a large number of enemies and buying him time to escape to the prairie so he left the magicians in the infantry army. This could increase the strength of the infantry. Infantry was equipped with all heavy weapons.

Of course, Du Wei would not be dazzled by this victory, nor would he think that his Air force was invincible all over the world.

“All the soldiers in the city get ready!” Du Wei quickly issued an order: “The infantry behind the Northwest Army is about to attack! Order all the hot air balloons to land in the city. No hot air balloon is allowed to take off!”

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