Law of the Devil Chapter 382 Part 1

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Although the Northwest Army charged desperately, their formation was too loose. Tulip cavalry was like a sharp knife inserted into a huge but loose beef. It entered very smoothly!

The screams rose on the battlefield.

Although some North-western soldiers finally rushed to the front of the Tulip family’s ballistae…

But what made them angry was that none of their enemies could be found there!

They were all wondering just now. How can two hundred ballistae be carried here so quickly? When they finally saw them up close, they found that those ballistae were equipped with wheels. In the back, there were hundreds of cavalry but they did not wait for the Northwest Army to kill them and ran away!

These cavalry were “transport teams” invented by Du Wei. The reason why these two hundred heavy crossbows could be quickly carried here was that Du Wei ordered to pull each of the ballistae by two horses!

These cavalrymen were specifically responsible for the horses and ballistae. They did not wear any armor or weapons to reduce the weight. Seeing the approaching enemy, these cavalry did not hesitate to abandon their weapons and quickly retreat!

This was also Du Wei’s order: When in danger, they should abandon these weapons and retreat. Anyway, on the battlefield, soldiers of the Northwest Army did not have the ability to take them away! We’ll just take them later.

Of course, some people felt unfortunate. If these weapons were discarded on the battlefield and left to the enemy, then the enemy would inevitably destroy these ballistae. The cost was too high!

But Du Wei’s answer was very simply: “The cost is high? Cut the crap! I lack everything but money! I will just smash the Northwest Army with money!”

The battle lasted about half an hour. The remaining tens of thousands of the Northwest Army were defeated by Longbatton’s eight thousand cavalry!

Longbatton had been bathed in blood all over his body. The enemy’s minced meat was still hanging on his shoulder armor. At this moment, he looked like a devil with blood on his beard.

After the long battle, Northwest Army finally completely collapsed!

Almost at the same time, the remaining Northwest Army yelled and suddenly countless soldiers started to flee. Even the officers could not suppress them or some of the officers fled together!

At this time, Longbatton immediately jumped off the horse and looked at the corpses all over the place, as well as the Northwest Army who were still fighting reluctantly. He cleared his throat and shouted loudly:

“Everyone surrender!”

Many North-western soldiers immediately dropped their weapons and jumped off the horses, and knelt on the ground. Some who were still trying to resist suddenly looked up and saw that hot air balloons seemed to be coming here again…

The Northwest Army was frightened by those aerial bombardments. The resisting soldiers no longer had any intention to resist and surrendered quickly.

Some who did not want to surrender tried to flee.

On the battlefield, countless people knelt on the ground. Longbatton ordered his men to gather these people but found that there were too many of them. Thousands of them could not take care of them.

So he called reinforcement. Du Wei sent an infantry battalion.

The results of this battle were extremely brilliant!

A total of 70,000 Northwest Army cavalry were defeated by Du Wei!

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