Law of the Devil Chapter 381 Part 2

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With a bang, two hundred ballistae were fired again. After adjusting the angle this time, they shot farther!

The Northwest army watched ballista bolts shoot into the sky and then fell from the sky to land on their heads!

It was not that the Northwest Army’s generals were incompetent, it’s just that they never thought those ballistae could shoot so far. There was still a lot of open space for the cavalry to disperse. They also believed that with such a long distance, the opponent’s bows and arrows could never shoot them.

Yes, bows and arrows could not reach. But the range of the ballistae was 1,500 meters!

Moreover, throughout the history of continent, who would use a heavy weapon such as a ballistae in a large-scale land battle? Although the penetrating lethality of the ballistae was strong, the coverage area was almost equal to zero! If it weren’t for Du Wei’s “bomb”, ballistae could only be used in naval battles.

Northwest army had never experienced such thing so they once again fell in chaos.

The generals of the Northwest Army finally understood that if they didn’t work hard now, they would be dead!

It’s too late to reorganise the army. Regardless of whether the army was still chaotic or not, all the Northwest Army soldiers who were still on the horses quickly turned their horses around and launched a desperate charge…

Although the formation was completely messed up, it was completely disregarded!

There was only one thought in everyone’s mind: the other party’s long-range attacks were terrible so the only way to survive was to rush over to the other side!

At this time, General Longbatton of the Tulip Family launched his fatal blow! At this moment he had eight thousand cavalry but that’s enough!

These thousands of cavalry were the strongest elite he had carefully selected. Every one of these was selected from the imperial cavalry stationed on the prairie!

The Northwest Army was in chaos. Although the soldiers of Northwest were several times of themselves, but to Longbatton, it was nothing more than a frightened group of ducks.

The cavalry of the 8000 elites quickly took formation under the leadership of Longbatton. They were ready to charge. Longbatton raised his long sabre and yelled:

“Kill these bastards!”

Although there were many people on enemy’s side, most of them were in chaos and panicked. Some of them haven’t even turned around.

Although the number of people on their side was small, they were well-equipped and were in formation!

The two armies collided fiercely! Longbatton was in the lead and his huge body was covered with a thick layer of steel armor. With his tremendous strength, the long sabre in his hand waved immediately and splashed a flurry of blood! After killing four or five North-western soldiers in a row, Longbatton was also stabbed in the shoulder by a spear from the opponent. However, his huge body was like a meat wall. The thick steel armor blocked most of the opponent’s strength. The opponent tried to retreat the spear. Longbatton grinned and hacked at the head of opponent!

Glancing at the opponent’s face, Longbatton laughed wildly: “Roy! It’s you asshole! I had a dozen fights with you then! I said earlier that you are not this father’s opponent!”

The guy killed by him was a general of the Northwest Army!

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