Law of the Devil Chapter 381 Part 1

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Northwest cavalry charged with their full strength. Whole army was exuding murderous aura. The hoofs of horses caused the dust to fly. The cavalry charged like a tide, causing the earth to tremble.

The enemy cavalry ahead did not move. This made the experienced Northwest Army sneer.

Hum, we all rushed up but you remained still… You have no momentum at all. How can you be my opponent!

But at this moment, general of Northwest army saw the fat man riding on the horse raise his hand and yell.

Later, the Tulip Family’s army split into two and revealing the back…

Fuck! It’s not cavalry behind!

There was a dense row of Ballistae which were emitting cold murderous light!

In the Roland, Ballistae were recognized as the strongest heavy weapon. There were at least two hundred of them in the row.

The cavalry of the Northwest Army was already sprinting at full speed so it was impossible to stop at this moment.

Hundreds of soldiers fired ballistae at the same time. Then everyone heard a series of terrible whistling sounds.

Two hundred giant ballistae suddenly burst out. Each of these giant ballistae had the size of an ordinary cavalry spear. What’s more terrible was that it was launched with a mechanical noose and had a strong penetrating power. Even the wall could be easily penetrated!

Every soldier was firing ballistae with simple target: shoot at the crowd!

With a bang, more than two hundred ballista bolts smashed into the cavalry formation of the Northwest Army at the same time.

The most terrifying heavy weapons of Roland empires were truly extraordinary. All the soldiers who were hit by ballista bolts were killed right away. Even then its speed did not decrease and passed through three or four soldiers behind!

When it finally landed on the ground … Boom! A huge explosion!

(T/N: Ballista bolts were bombs which explode after landing on the land.)

The horses thousands of soldiers of Northwest Army turned over because of fear. The horses were scared of explosions caused by ballistae so it was difficult to calm them down. After experiencing such explosions again and again, these horses were shocked. Many horses even scrambled uncontrollably and others directly raised their forefoot and made the soldier on them fall straight away.

After a round of firing, only a few hundred people were left to ride on the horse. Most of the others were lying on the ground. On the battlefield, hundreds of frightened horses were running around and fleeing.

The Northwest Army Generals were completely shocked!

This way of fighting went far beyond what they had learned in their lifetimes! This was completely beyond their cognition and philosophy!

But the enemy didn’t wait for them to calm down the chaotic situation…

In the army of the Tulip family, some officers loudly ordered, “Everyone! Attack at thirty degrees!”

The soldiers hurriedly adjusted the angle of the ballistae.

With a bang, two hundred ballistae were fired again. After adjusting the angle this time, they shot farther!

The Northwest army watched ballista bolts shoot into the sky and then fell from the sky to land on their heads!

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