Law of the Devil Chapter 380 Part 2

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Lu Gao’s goal was not to fight Hussein but to get rid of those hot-air balloons as soon as. He spotted a hot-air balloon closest to himself in the distance and quickly flew toward it. But when he was in the air, he suddenly felt something was wrong and quickly dodged to the side.


A cold light passed almost in front of his nose and Lu Gao was the most familiar with that cold fighting spirit. Looking to the side, he saw a figure floating slowly out of the thick smoke of the sky. It was Rodriguez!

At this moment Hussein had also chased behind him, the two Paladins sandwiched Lu Gao. Lu Gao said coldly: “Huh! Do the Holy Saints like you want to fight one-verses-two? Do you have no dignity?”

Hussein had not spoken yet, but Rodriguez said lightly: “This is a war and we are fighting against you.”

After that, a sword hacked down.

Lu Gao had no choice but to fight his own fighting spirit.

Above the sky, the three holy order warriors are fighting. Since level of power of everyone was similar, Lu Gao was already struggling. Fortunately, he cultivated snow mountain spells which enabled to fight both Rodriguez and Hussein at same without losing till now.

Du Wei had told Rodriguez and Hussein to not fight desperately with Lu Gao. They had to corner Lu Gao step by step so they were not in rush.

The Northwest Army’s cavalry finally restored order but there were corpses all over the place. There were many injured people rolling and mourning. The injured horses also blocked the way back. The explosion caused the fire to spread everywhere, roasting dead bodies.

For a while, atmosphere was full of the smell of barbecue.

The Decepticon squadron had already retreated but it didn’t mean that trouble for Northwest army was over. Because remaining generals received another piece of bad news…

At this time, someone ran over to generals to report: “The army of the Tulip Family was approaching from behind! The army’s retreat path was blocked by these people, general…”

Lu Gao was still fighting two Holy Order powerhouses in the sky but the Northwest Army generals remembered that Lu Gao’s order was to retreat and rush out of this place. How can they hesitate at this moment? They ordered the army to take formation and then charge back!

After taking formation, the Northwest Army found that they had lost tens of thousands of soldiers and horses (of which less than half died, most of them were injured). The Northwest Army was well equipped. Soldiers wore armors so as long as bombs did not explode near them, they would be injured. They could still fight. But there was no armor on the horses! Those horses were injured and they could no longer run. How much combat power cavalry had left without horse?

What was even more frustrating was that they had lost 10,000 soldiers without causing a bit of damage to enemy.

The Northwest Army generals were extremely confident in their combat effectiveness. They didn’t believe that an army trained for only two years could beat them!

It’s annoying that they just ate such a big loss just now. It’s too embarrassing!

They did not expect the other side to dig a large trench in the rear. And those hot air balloon… hell!


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