Law of the Devil Chapter 380 Part 1

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Lu Gao turned around and saw a knight in light armor standing in the sky, wearing a magic flying cloak and holding a sword in his hand. The knight had only one eye and brown curly hair, but his body exuded a sharpness that made Lu Gao moved!

This knight was, of course, Hussein. He did not have the Snow Mountain spell like Lu Gao. As a pure knight, Hussein was not good at flying so Du Wei gave him a flying cloak.

The top of the sword’s edge Hussein’s sword was radiating fighting spirit…

“Fight me!”

“Holy Order?” Lu Gao’s eyes sank. When he felt the power of this opponent’s sword’s fighting light, , he immediately concluded that other party had reached the level of the holy order.

But… I heard that Rodriguez is only holy order warrior under Du Wei’s command. But this man is not Rodriguez because he is one-eyed.

There was no time for nonsense. Hussein had an extremely cold and violent temper. After greeting, he raised his hand and hacked it. His golden fighting spirit shone and dozens of starry spirit beams burst out from his sword.

Lu Gao was startled. What the hell… He quickly lifted the sword and then drew an arc. The cold air permeated, and he used the frost to fight.

Above the sky, the fighting spirit of the two holy order warrior collided together. A bang was heard immediately. A shockwave spread out from the place of impact, causing both of them to separate.

The two only fought for a while and Lu Gao felt the power of this opponent.

Lu Gao felt as if surrounding air had solidified. His movement became more and more stagnant as time passed. This was not the feeling of being locked by the opponent’s fighting spirit but it seemed that the opponent’s fighting spirit could actually create a strange force field.

In this force field, Hussein seemed to be getting quicker and his movements were more and more agile.

The two men exchanged dozens of blows in single breath. With a bang, the swords in their hands broke at the same time! That stunned both Holy Orders.

“What a powerful man.” Hussein muttered, taking a deep breath. Immediately after that he shouted and nobody knew from where he pulled out a slender sword.

“What a weird spell.” Hussein muttered, taking a deep breath. The body suddenly jumped up, and then shouted, and did not know where he pulled out a slender sword.

The sword was slender and shimmering. It was releasing a faint chill. Lu Gao only glanced in the distance, and his heart jumped suddenly!

Beauty Under The Moon! Du Wei actually gave this guy the beauty sword under the moon?

The beauty under the moon was the exquisite sword inherited from the Witch (Shaman) King of the Snow Mountain. With a sword in his hand, his power increased immediately and his starry spirit covered the sword again.

Lu Gao’s goal was not to fight Hussein but to get rid of those hot-air balloons as soon as. He spotted a hot-air balloon closest to himself in the distance and quickly flew toward it. But when he was in the air, he suddenly felt something was wrong and quickly dodged to the side.


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