Law of the Devil Chapter 379 Part 2

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After distance was close, they could see clearly what these dark clouds were. There are literally hundreds or thousands of hot air balloons!

There were thousands of them! So densely packed that they blocked the sun in the sky for a while!

“First bombard from the air and then the ground troops would launch attack …” Du Wei stood on the city wall and smiled to himself: “Who said that trenches could not be placed behind?”

When Lu Gao growled in anger, the first wave of the hot air balloon group had reached the head of the Northwest Cavalry.

Then, after a whistle, black things fell from the sky…

When those things could be clearly seen, the cavalry soldiers of the Northwest Army immediately recognized them. Those black things looked like iron cans. But soon, they knew that this was a mass murder weapon!

A black bomb fell into the cavalry and the explosion that followed next swallowed hundreds of cavalry in an instant!

As the hot air balloons poured down numerous bombs. These dense black bombs fell from the sky, as if the call of death…

The raging explosions sounded from all directions along with screams of Northwest Army cavalry. At this moment, they could not even escape!

There were trenches and barbed wire in front and both sides!

(T/N: Trenches were dug in ‘U’ shape, blocking three sides…)

They could only retreat back!

“Retreat back! Back! Back team becomes front team! The whole army turn around!!!” Lu Gao growled loudly, the Northwest Army generals desperately wanted to restrain the soldiers.

The soldiers may be elite, brave and powerful…

Unfortunately, their warhorses were not…

The explosions, fire, sound waves and smoke caused many war horses to get out of control. They became afraid and even soldiers could not control the war horses. Situation became more and more chaotic.

And this chaotic situation made the bombing even more effective!

The Decepticon squad was finally put to great use.

The battlefield had become a mess. There were fire and thick smoke everywhere. The bodies of cavalry and war horses were colliding which caused cavalry to unable to retreat. The Northwest Army cavalry was completely in a state of chaos and only a small number of the soldiers of the rear team could quickly make a U-turn. Most of them lost their way in the thick smoke and fire and they were dressed like headless flies.

And just after the first wave of bombing was over, the hot air balloon in the sky had flown away. And at this time, they heard the shrilling sound.

In the distance, hundreds of guys on Broomsticks were flying in the air!

Speed of these guys was extremely fast! Moreover, they quickly skipped over the chaotic Northwest Army. The men sitting on the Broomsticks were holding the Broom by one hand and a crossbow in another. They were shooting arrows at random, shooting and killing the chaotic cavalry! Moreover, they seemed to be very good at shooting.

Many officers had been shot dead by the Decepticon squadrons and the cavalry who had lost their officers had fallen into even more chaos!

At this time, Lu Gao finally attacked. He roared and his body jumped up immediately. When he was in mid-air, he pulled out his sword and attacked the hot air balloon in the distance.

The hot air balloon that was divided into two by the sword exploded.

Lu Gao’s heart was bleeding because of losses. He was almost gone mad. He spotted the hot-air balloon group not far away and rushed forward desperately. At this time, he heard a cold voice from behind, “Northwest Army’s Lu Gao?”

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