Law of the Devil Chapter 379 Part 1

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In front of the wilderness, there were a large number of ditches! Each trench was two meters wide and over one hundred meters long. Looking from here, he didn’t know how many trenches there were!

One thousand?

Two thousand?

Damn it!

Moreover, each ditch was very wide and the two sides of the ditch have been extended out!

How can cavalry charge over!

What made Lu Gao’s heart even more desperate was that if there were only these trenches, it wouldn’t matter. Even if he lost some soldiers and war horses, he could barely fill the places and rush over.

The problem was these ditches were also filled with an endless series of weird things. And they were in ‘U’ shape.

These things were most commonly used in some of war movies seen by Du Wei on Earth.

Barbed wires!

Barbed wires were densely packed. They were several kilometres long! You couldn’t see their end.

Rush? Can’t rush at all!

Send someone to open the way?

Heck… how to open? Filling the trenches may not be difficult. But how to get rid of these barbed wire?

The most annoying was…

This Du Wei obviously had the ability to come up with such a “trap” so why didn’t he use it in front of the fortress’s walls?

In wars, how can you place the “ditches” behind you?!

Lu Gao calculated in his mind for a moment. If he wanted to get rid of this weird “wires”, he would have to spend at least day!

“Turn around! Find the way from both sides!” Lu Gao scolded indignantly: “That bastard Du Wei. He can’t make the entire Desa province like this!”

But as soon as he gave an order to turn around, he heard the news from the other commander.

“Master, the Tulip family cavalry has caught up from behind!”

This was not the only bad news.

Suddenly a soldier exclaimed, pointing at the sky: “Look! What are those?”

In the sky, from the direction of Du Wei’s military fortress in the back, there was a dense mass of dark cloud flying over here!

After distance was close, they could see clearly what these dark clouds were. There are literally hundreds or thousands of hot air balloons!

There were thousands of them! So densely packed that they blocked the sun in the sky for a while!

“First bombard from the air and then the ground troops would launch attack …” Du Wei stood on the city wall and smiled to himself: “Who said that trenches could not be placed behind?”

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