Law of the Devil Chapter 378 Part 2

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Tens of thousands of cavalry was charging across the fortress like a wave.

Above the fortress’s walls, Du Wei stood, watching the rushing tide in the distance. He sighed in a relieved tone: “What a spectacular scene.”

The city flag had been raised. Above the walls, archers and soldiers were ready.

But Du Wei shook his head: “No need to attack! Lu Gao didn’t want to attack the city at once… Huh, he is busy right now. How can he go on war with me?”

Sure enough, when the wave of tens of thousands of soldiers was thousands of meters away from the city wall, the northwest cavalry automatically separated from the main battle army. The huge army split into two and passed from both sides of Du Wei’ city wall.

They were far away even beyond the range of the archer!

Du Wei did not let the archers waste their arrows. He did not even order the army to intercept the army.

After a full hour, huge cavalry passed the fortress from both sides. Du Wei even saw in the Northwest Army’s line-up. Under a huge black banner, a general in black armor was galloping under the guard of everyone and it must be Lu Gao.

“Looks like, you are in hurry.” Du Wei smiled. “But when his cavalry reached the front and saw the gift I gave him, he would be very surprised.”

Du Wei then turned around and issued an order to the men behind him.

“Order all the infantry divisions guarding the city walls to be prepared for the battle. Also order the Longbatten Cavalry Division to be ready. After half an hour, they will open the city gate and pursue the Northwest army…” Du Wei smiled with an evil expression.

Lu Gao waited for about a quarter of an hour and was surprised that bastard Du Wei didn’t send army to intercept them! Is he timid? Or does he just give up after comparing the military capabilities of both sides. Does he feel that there is no chance of winning?

However, Lu Gao would not accept Du Wei’s kindness! He had already thought about it. Once he crossed the defense line of Du Wei and entered the province of Desa, his cavalry would burn and plunder all the way!

After all, although the cavalry’s mobility was strong, it couldn’t carry too much food and supplies! If he wanted to rush through Desa province into the prairie as fast as possible, he must plunder supplies”.

This was the only way.

“Du Wei, I will definitely thank you for ‘letting me go’!” Lu Gao sneered but then he saw a scene that made him angry!

The cavalry in front suddenly reduced its speed and then the galloping cavalry gradually slowed down. Finally it completely halted.

“What’s going on?” Lu Gao growled angrily.

Someone actually disobeyed his orders! Don’t these bastards know that time is the most precious thing now!

“Commander… you… you better come to the front!” A general rushed over from the front with a look of rashness on his face.

Lu Gao’s face was gloomy. Resisting the urge to beat this guy with a whip, he immediately ordered the front cavalry to separate. He rushed to the front to take a look.

Then, Lu Gao saw the “gift” given to him by Du Wei.

When he saw the scene in front of him, Lu Gao’s first reaction was to take a deep breath!

God… this, what is this?!

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