Law of the Devil Chapter 378 Part 1

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The opponent’s remnant cavalry actually made an almost absurd move!

They gave up their attempt to attack the capital of Nuling Province and went on all the way!

Bohan ordered his cavalry to chase them all the way, attacking them from behind. The two sides fought for two full days. This Northwest Army was very stubborn. Despite the huge losses, they fought until the end with only 3,000 people. At this time, it had been two days!

Then, he received a signal from Bohan for help. A division of the Wangcheng Guards had already arrived quickly.

The two sides joined forces and finally surrounded the cavalry…

Seeing victory in sight, Bonham was not happy at all.

Because he understood that he was fooled!

Lu Gao used 10,000 logistics troops to impersonate the main division. And he also took out a lot of heavy weapons to use as bait, dragging Andrea of the Stormwind Legion. Another 10,000 death cavalry was sent to attack Bohan and the Bohan who lacked military experience sent a signal for help. As a result, these 10,000 soldiers kept Bohan’s army and the Wang Cheng Guards busy.

So, where was the real force of the Northwest Army?!

A total of 70,000 cavalry was marching in the wilderness. What a spectacular scene!

Under the black flag of the Northwest Army, Lu Gao wore a full set of armor and sat on the horse!

During this strategy, he took a lot of risks and even suffered a lot of losses!

After all, in order to deceive Andrea the Storm Legion, the supplies he sent were genuine. Those supplies were accumulated by him over the years. But Lu Gao knew that he could get them again in future, this chance to win was available only once!

As for the “Lu Gao” who went to the imperial capital. It’s just a susbtitute for him.

The people of the Imperial Capital still don’t want to fight. Hum … they want a peaceful solution. Where is there such a cheap thing!

His true target was Du Wei!

“March toward Du Wei’s fortress! Don’t stop until we reach there! If Du Wei sends someone to block, let the reserve team fight! It’s race against time! Breach this guy’s defense! ”

Moreover, in addition to the 70,000 cavalry, there were more than 40,000 elite soldiers behind Lu Gao. Their mission…

“Was to die.” Lu Gao sighed.

His plan was not to stop or fight with Du Wei. It was to rush directly over Du Wei’s military fortress. Then, the infantry behind will launch full attack on the military fort.

The infantry will immediately occupy this military fortress. When the Stormwind Corps, Bohan’s soldiers and the Wang Cheng Guards found out the truth and chase after them, the infantry here would buy time for main 70,000 cavalry. Those 70,000 cavalrymen would sweep through Desa province like a whirlwind and then proceed… into the northwest prairie!

That was Lu Gaio’s final destination.

The commander in charge of the elite heavy infantry was Lu Gao’s most trusted minister!

After crossing the last hillside, not far away, a military fortress revealed itself to everyone! Lu Gao’s horse stood on the hillside, faing the fortress in the distance. He immediately issued an order.


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