Law of the Devil Chapter 377 Part 2

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This fat man’s name was Dodoro. When the people sent by Andrea returned, they reported that the fat man was a wretched guy and greedy for money.

Andrea knew right away!

The division that marches forefront was the vanguard of the army. Any commander would send his most trusted general for this task. But this was co-called Dodoro was definitely not like an excellent general!

Although Lu Gao was rebellious, Andrea did not deny that Lu Gao was an excellent military commander, so how could he arrange such garbage-like guy to lead the vanguard…

Andrea immediately made a decision that was later considered wise!

“The whole army set off and stop the Northwest army!”

These 20,000 members of the Stormwind Legion were elites and they were still under Andrea’s command. 20,000 elite cavalry set off. Soon after a day they caught up with the army and stopped them outside the city.

Subsequently, Andrea immediately sent someone to send orders to the other party. The opposing Northwest Army was ordered to immediately lay down all their weapons and undergo investigation.

By the time this decision was delivered, Andrea was ready to fight. But what surprised him. The general Dodoro, the leader of the Northwest army, did not even consider it for a quarter of an hour and accepted his own “inappropriate” request.

Soon, the 20,000 Northwest Army laid down their weapons and Andrea “captured” Dodoro and his men without spending a single soldier. Then after interrogating this poor fat man, Andrea immediately sweated coldly!

They were tricked!

This Dodoro was indeed a general but he was just a general in charge of logistics! It was not a main division of the Northwest Army at all but a logistics division! A group of reserve soldiers plus miscellaneous soldiers in the logistics department!

After discovering the truth, Andrea was sweating on his forehead. The opponent used such a miscellaneous army to buy himself enough time to lead his elite cavalry division to elsewhere!

“Hurry up! Send the news right away! Hurry up!”

Andrea ordered that three thousand people would remain here look after these prisoners of war. The other cavalrymen immediately mounted and marched. They headed towards the Northwest Army Watt Fortress without rest.

However, a question lingered in his heart.

Will they reach in time?

Just when Andrea was sweating, the governor of Nuling Province, Bohan, was also sweating!

He received news that shocked him last night! The Northwest Army returned! And then these 10,000 elite North-western soldiers abruptly went south.

After the Northwest Army broke through the blockade of an infantry division of Bohan, they did not stop at all but hurried toward the capital of Nuling Province. One day later, army was outside the city!

Helpless, Bohan sent a message for help.

He was very angry. An infantry division that had been on the front line was so easily broken through.

Because of the order, they were at “stand-by.” They were caught off guard by the Northwest Cavalry who attacked.

Moreover, when the Northwest Army rushed over, they did not fight too much with Bohan’s soldiers as if they did not want to fight at all. Instead, they used the advantage of the cavalry and focused on breaking through the line of defense. They went straight south, aiming at the capital of Nuling province.

Bonham looked at the 10,000 Northwest Cavalry outside the city and sent a call for help, but he suddenly stopped himself!

Then he immediately ordered to open the city gate and sent his army to fight against them. During the fight, the army that Bonham had trained for many years did not humiliate him. His most elite army was engaged in battle. After half a day of bloody fighting, the Northwest Army suddenly gave up fighting. Then the army retreated.

After counting the results, the losses on both sides were roughly equal. Bonham has suffered a little bit but the ratio was within his acceptable range.

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