Law of the Devil Chapter 377 Part 1

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When Du Wei received the order, he left Loulan and arrived at the barracks on the border of Desa province. There were 20,000 Tulip family troops and 50,000 private army of the Rowling family.

“What do you think?” Du Wei glanced at Philip.

“The people of the imperial capital are fooled.” Philip was indeed a student of the blue ocean and immediately said: “I only hope that the attacking direction chosen by Lu Gao is us! At this time, the army was ordered to stand by… If the Northwest Army suddenly attacked at this time, I am afraid that those troops will suffer heavy losses. ”

“Send the message to Governor Bohan immediately!” Du Wei sighed and looked at the sky: “I hope it will not be too late.”

“I only hope that Lu Gao chose to attack us.” Philip was also worried.

Empire, 964, February 2.

This day was firmly remembered in history because it was given a name…

Outbreak of Civil War!

The news came back that Lu Gao, who was going to report to imperial capital, had boarded the boat at the Lancang Canal two days ago and went to Henan. Many people gave a sigh of relief… It seemed that the battle was not necessary.

Even Bohan and General Andrea, who had been closely following Lu Gao’s movements, were relieved.

Lu Gao really went to the imperial capital.

At the same time, a division of the Northwest Army had been deployed northward under the supervision of the Second Division of the Stormwind Corps led by General Andrea. They were marching slowly on the arranged route without any trace of deviation.

But soon, the experienced Andrea found a slight flaw.

After all, he was an excellent general of the Stormwind Corps. After learning that the Northwest Army accepted the order to go north, Andrea sent more than two hundred scouts to closely monitor this northwest army. At the same time, he ordered his generals to be at alert.

But over time, Andrea’s doubts grew. He even risked causing a dispute and sent two cavalry units to stop the Northwest Army’s march to the north, asking to check their vehicles.

If this requirement was on regular day, it would be excessive. But the Northwest Army actually agreed. And after the search, there was no problem at all.

The heavy truck was loaded with grain, weapons, ordnance and various supplies… These things were not fake.

As if Lu Gao really decided to move the northwest army home to the north.

What really made Andrea suspicious was the commander of this northwest army!

A thing made Andrea very sceptical. The Northwest Corps was the Empire’s main battle army. So, its combat effectiveness should be quite good. His Majesty Lu Gao was also a giant. However, the general of this Northwest army was actually an insignificant fat man!

This fat man’s name was Dodoro. When the people sent by Andrea returned, they reported that the fat man was a wretched guy and greedy for money.

Andrea knew right away!

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