Law of the Devil Chapter 376 Part 2

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On the military side, the Regent did not specify a clear leader. It meant that everything was headed by the Duke of Tulips. After all, in terms of military strength, Du Wei controlled more than half of the army. If it weren’t for his qualifications, Regent would have ordered his appointment as commander.

“Sly Lu Gao!” After Du Wei read Lu Gao’s excuse.

Then again, Lu Gao made an unpredictable move.

According to the latest military report from the Northwest Army, the commander of the Northwest army, Lu Gao, finally agreed to return to the capital. Moreover, he actually only took two hundred cavalry to follow him as guard.

When this piece of news came, even Du Wei was surprised.

News of Lu Gao’s visit to capital spread everywhere because Lu Gao did not try to hide his tracks. Whenever they passed through towns on the road, Lu Gao also met the local defensive government officials in a grand manner. Naturally, the spies of the imperial capital passed the news back to the imperial capital one by one.

For three days, Old Rob Scher received all the news about what city Lu Gao went to, who he met, and what road he took!

So, problem was…  whether empire should fight or not fight?

In the imperial capital, someone immediately claimed that tiger had left its lair. Empire should immediately send someone to arrest this guy. Once the enemy commander got captured, the Northwest Army would be like a hen without head. (T/N: in simple words, not knowing what to do)

But the proposal was immediately rejected.

Catch? Is there need to catch him? Now that Lu Gao was heading to empire with only two hundred people. He had already thrown himself into the net so do they still need to send someone to catch him?

If Lu Gao really gave up and decided to surrender to the empire. Honestly “shifted” the Northwest Army to the north.

At this time, even Rob Scher and Prince Chen were vaguely shaken: Lu Gao maybe really surrendered.

After all, this was a war that would inevitably result in defeat. Lu Gao didn’t need to fight as long as he surrendered back to the empire. Speaking of it, although he had never accepted orders from the emperor, he never really rebelled. He also had some merits as long as he surrendered his military power and became a pure minister with peace of mind, the Regent would not kill him. Instead, he would give him position of senior official. At most, he would only lose his power but keeping his life would not be problem. Maybe as long as he was honest, he may live prosper life.

After all, without charge, the empire would not blatantly execute a high-ranking general such as a former army commander.

Even so, the regent was shaken. An order was immediately given to the troops on the northwest front.

“Stand by.”

“Stand by?” Du Wei cursed after receiving the order. Then he shrugged off the order with disdain.

Old Rob Scher was old. Are you dizzy, Prince Chen? Who is Lu Gao and how can he easily give up?

Huh, Lu Gao, you can deceive others but you can’t fool me, Du Wei!

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