Law of the Devil Chapter 376 Part 1

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When Lu Gao’s official documents were passed to the imperial capital, a group of staff and generals in the commander’s office thought something were wrong.

Was Lu Gao really surrendered so easily?

The Northwest’s great general that had caused the Empire a headache for two decades just accepted the military order? One year of plans, large-scale army mobilization, preparation of weapons and other materials… all of them did not come in handy?

At this time, the one who played major role in all this was the acting military minister Rob Scher.

“What are you doing?” Although the old prime minister was old, he still had strictness in his tone: “Immediately send another military order and order the leader of the Northwest Army Corps Lu Gao to report to the imperial capital within ten days after receiving the military order!”

The old prime minister snorted. Huh, Lu Gao. No matter what trick you have under your sleeve but do you really dare to come to Imperial capital alone? If you refuse to come, we can still charge you for disobeying military order.

“Please help the magic union to pass the military order in the fastest way!” This is the decision of the old prime minister.

After making the decision, the old prime minister smiled and looked at Camisiro next to him. He said in polite tone: “Master Camisiro, please report this to His Royal Highness. It is urgent. I think His Highness will agree. ”

Emergency military orders often exchanged between the Imperial Capital and the Northwest Army.

At the beginning, as expected by the old Rob Scher, the Lu Gao immediately responded to his letter and pleaded, saying that the Northwest Army had been deployed northward for replacing defenses. He needed to deal with large amount of complicated military affairs.

Then Robe Scher wrote an extremely stern document, ordering Lu Gao to return to the capital. Otherwise it was disobedience.

At the same time, the Stormwind Corps was only a hundred miles away from Nuling Province and a division of Wang Cheng Guards had reached the Sin City.

Strategically, the siege of the Northwest Army has been completed.

To the west of the Northwest Army was Du Wei’s army. To the south was Governor Bonham’s army, to the southeast was Wang Cheng Guards, and to the northeast was the Stormwind Corps.

Of course, all of this army was mobilised under the excuse of “Spring Exercise.”

Copy of document sent by Lu Gao was placed on Du Wei’s desk after an hour it was received by the military. This was a file transmitted by the Magic Array of the Magic Academy. Du Wei, as one of the founders of the Magic Academy and a member of the Magic Academy, had made full use of the resources at hand.

Although the regent did not say anything but this time to deal with the Northwest Army, the main planner was Du Wei.

On the military side, the Regent did not specify a clear leader. It meant that everything was headed by the Duke of Tulips. After all, in terms of military strength, Du Wei controlled more than half of the army. If it weren’t for his qualifications, Regent would have ordered his appointment as commander.

“Sly Lu Gao!” After Du Wei read Lu Gao’s excuse.

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  1. thought something WAS wrong
    Was Lu Gao really surrenderING, (or did Lu Gao surrender so easily)
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