Law of the Devil Chapter 375 Part 2

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“Lu Gao, commander of the Northwest Army Corps, was prepared for a change of defense!”

He actually accepted the order to change the defense?!

After throwing away the pen, Lu Gao strode into the inner hall and then went directly into the secret passage in the inner hall. There was a beast-like roar filled with despair and anger.

At the end of the tunnel was a square stone room. Lu Gao stood at the door. The door of this room was made of iron. He just stood at the door and saw the stone room. A black figure shouted toward him fiercely.


This figure hit the iron door fiercely, causing the whole room to shake. The entire body of man inside was covered with blood. Nobody knew how many minor scars were on his body. He had a pale and handsome face.

Sebasta, this was the Young General Sebasta of the Northwest Army!

Sebasta’s eyes were looked like that of a beast. He held the iron door with his hands and shook it hard. The iron door made a clicking sound. Sebasta roared like a beast. There was no trace of clarity in his eyes. They were completely murderous and beast-like.

Lu Gao stood outside the door with deep sadness in his eyes and looked at his only son. Lu Gao raised his hand across the iron door, as if to touch his son’s head…

“Poor son!” Lu Gao sighed. “You have completely become a beast now! A beast with no humanity… I really should kill you.”

After the last attempt to kill White River and Pope failed, Sebasta, who was severely injured by “Aragon” had to use “perfect body” to quickly flee to Northwest Army.

But what was the strength of Aragon? Being able to survive because of “perfect body” was already incredible feet. However, his “perfect body” had a fatal flaw, that was after activation he lose his mind.

After he returned to the Northwest Army, the side effects of the perfect body broke out immediately. Moreover, because of injuries caused by Aragon, the use of perfect body had exceeded the limit of any previous time.

Now, even Lu Gao’s snow mountain spell could no longer calm Sebasta down.

He had become a beast full of bloodthirsty and destruction desire! No humanity was left and he had become a bloodthirsty beast!

As a last resort, Lu Gao could only confine his son in this stone house and he used snow mountain spell to arrange the matrix around the house, making Sebasta unable to use his strength. Otherwise, how could a stone house hold Sebasta who was ninth level martial artist?

At this moment, Sebastian had been held in this stone house for more than a year. He did not see the sun all year round.

On the stone wall, there were scratches of his nails. The nails of his ten fingers were destroyed and blood was flowing but he seemed to feel no pain.

Lu Gao stood outside the door like this, silently looking at his only son.

Although he hated his face, there was deep sorrow in his eyes.

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