Law of the Devil Chapter 375 Part 1

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“Sir.” The middle-aged man looked at his commander steadily and then he asked a strange question: “Do you think we have a chance to win this time?”

“…” Lu Gao stared at the most trusted subordinate and then he told the truth: “Small.”

“I also think it’s very small.” Guwadolo nodded and sighed slightly. He then whispered, “The Empire has not been able to defeat us all the time. It’s not because it’s weak but more because it does not want to start all-out war. But now, they have made up their mind. Once the war begins, let me speak out… no matter what the process is, maybe with the bravery of our soldiers or with the wisdom of our commanders, we can get some victory, but… in the end, we will inevitably fail. The only difference is that it may happen sooner or letter. That’s all. ”

“So what do you think?”

Guwadolo closed his mouth and seemed afraid to say.

“Don’t stop talking! Guwadolo, I just want to hear your true thoughts.” Lu Gao said.

“Let’s set aside victory or defeat.” Guwadolo shook his head: “I would like to ask the general, what are your expectations? What is the ultimate goal? Is to capture the world? Capture the throne? Or just want to fight? Or, are you willing to compromise in order to save your life? I think, before making any choice, I need to know what general’s goal is. ”

Lu Gao’s eyes were serious: “Oh?”

“If you decide to take to capture the throne, then I will repay your kindness and stick with you to the end! Although I think this goal is impossible to achieve. If your goal is just to fight, then I think we should march the army to the east and then trap the emperor. Even if we got defeated in the end, it will make the continent remember our name forever! If… you feel compelled to save your life, then I am also willing to follow you even if you decide to throw the entire Northwest Army into a fire pit. ”

Lu Gao was silent.

“You see, you didn’t think about it yourself, so how can I answer your question?” Guwadolo sighed and then he reached out and took up the military official document on Lu Gao’s table. He ripped it into pieces and finally kneeled down in front of Lu Gao: “Master, my life is yours. Over the years, you know my secrets but you always kept me by your side. Trust me and reuse me. Even my colleagues have some opinions but your trust in me has not changed. I have nothing to return to you, it is only my life. No matter what choice you make, I, Guwadolo swear to stood by your side till my last breath.”

At this moment, the steady middle-aged man revealed a few crazy meanings in his eyes. He smiled at Lu Gao and then stood up. He turned around and walked out of the hall.

“My… choice…” Lu Gao frowned, thinking for a while.

Then he suddenly laughed.

“Prince Chen, if you want to play then I will play this game with you!”

After speaking, he grabbed the pen on the table and quickly wrote a document. Then he called his soldiers to come in and then have him deliver this document quickly.

The content of the document was very simple.

“Lu Gao, commander of the Northwest Army Corps, was prepared for a change of defense!”

He actually accepted the order to change the defense?!

After throwing away the pen, Lu Gao strode into the inner hall and then went directly into the secret passage in the inner hall. There was a beast-like roar filled with despair and anger.

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  1. “sooner or letter” should be sooner or LATER
    Is IT(the ultimate goal) to capture(conquer?) the world
    Capture(conquer?) the throne?
    what THE general’s goal is
    If you decide to CONQUER the throne
    swear to STAY by your

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