Law of the Devil Chapter 374 Part 2

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Lu Gao knew better than anyone else that once the empire made up its mind. Even if it had to pay a large price, it would likely win in the end. No matter in terms of population, military strength, war potential etc., empire was far stronger than him. He was a general facing a huge empire.

He had to make the smartest decision now.

Northwest Army, Watt Fortress, The Northwest Army Commander House.

Lu Gao was sitting on the top position. Seriousness in his eyes forced the generals in the hall to feel heavy.

“Don’t talk anymore?” Lu Gao coldly said, “This is a life and death moment! The regent kid of the empire made it clear that we have to make decision. Do you have no opinion at all?”

Soon, a big fierce argument broke out in the generals.

Lu Gao was silent. None of the opinions of the generals below were satisfactory to him.

Watching these generals’ quarrels, Lu Gao gradually lost patience and he coughed hard: “Stop!”

He stood up and looked at the generals. He was very disappointed. These guys all lack abilities to think of big picture… well, except for one person.

Lu Gao glanced at Guwadolo, that calm and silent middle-aged man. He was Lu Gao’s most respected and trusted general.

Although his strength was not best among the generals, some people even mocked him for not being brave enough. However, Guwadolo’s position in Lu Gao’s heart still could not be shaken.

“Guwadolo, you stay! Everyone else will disperse.” Lu Gao already made a decision but he felt he needed to stabilize his general’s confidence so he deliberately laughed a few times and then addressed the generals: “Okay! You don’t have to worry too much… well… the regent is just a little child! Even his father, Augustine VI, can’t take us down, what that child can do? Huh … Don’t worry, he must be under a lot of pressure. I don’t think he dares to really fight. Even if he really fights, once he suffers losses, I am afraid he will not be able to bear it. Youths are impulsive and as soon as he loses his spirit, he will immediately soften. Who have we been afraid of in Northwest for so many years! ”

Feeling the grandeur and boldness in the words, the generals could not help but regain a bit of confidence in their hearts.

Then, after the crowd left, a hint of anxiety appeared on Lu Gao’s face as he faced Guwadolo.

“Well, Guwadolo, tell me what you think.”

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  1. clear that we have to make A decision
    broke out BETWEEN the generals.
    think of THE big picture
    strength was not HIGHEST among
    afraid of in THE Northwest

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