Law of the Devil Chapter 373 Part 2

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However, the title of honorary bishop had more functions than a magician:

There was a function what Du Wei desired most. In order to show respect for the honorary bishop, the church made a resolution saying that church would grant status of “Holy Knight” to 500 soldiers of Du Wei! Moreover, this cavalry could only follow the command of the honorary bishop. Of course, the premise was that this cavalry must ensure that each of them was a believer of goddess.

Moreover, according to some legal loopholes, a formal knight could have up to 2000 retinues and these retinues were not counted. Therefore, Du Wei could expand the number of “holy knights” who belonged to himself to 2,500! Five hundred of them were full-fledged knights and two thousand were in the name of “retinues “, and all of them were legal.

“Killing a holy knight is seen as a full declaration of war on the Temple of Light.”

According to this code, Du Wei’s “Holy Knights” squad would be a very effective weapon in the future Northwest War.

No matter how arrogant the Northwest Army was, it was not easy to declare war on the continent’s temple of light. Moreover, there were also many soldiers in the Northwest Corps who were church believers themselves. When the enemy soldiers faced the Holy Knights, it was difficult to imagine how much morale these soldiers would have left.

It was worth mentioning that Du Wei gave this “holy knight” squad to Hussein to command. Hussein was a true holy knight. He was familiar with the strict methods of training all holy knights and knew how to lead such a knight.

Subsequently, Du Wei announced another matter. He was going to build a military fortress in the eastern part of Desa Province, at the border with Nuling Province. This was a complete military fortress but there was also a religious place inside which could be used by the knights to pray.

Later, at the junction of Desa and Nuling provinces, there were three military forts.

The first was a new army barracks jointly constructed by Du Wei and Governor of the Nuling Province two years ago. After two years, Du Wei had stationed two-thirds of his army there.

The second was a place built last year to house the tulip private army.

Now this was the third.

In this way, Du Wei had stacked more than 70,000 soldiers on the border between his territory and Nuling Province. In addition, there were also 30,000 soldiers of Governor Bohan. That made total of 100,000 soldiers.

What made Du Wei feel strange was that during this year, the Northwest Army seemed to have been quiet…

Lu Gao, what is he thinking?

Du Wei was waiting. Now the situation had entered the most critical moment. He was waiting for a signal, a signal from the emperor. And the arrival of that signal would declare the peace period on the continent had come to an end!

The war is coming?

No no no, it should be said: war is about to break out!

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