Law of the Devil Chapter 372 Part 2

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From the beginning, Du Wei never thought about conquering the prairie. He knew that with the current state of the empire, it would not be possible to do this, neither in strength nor in time.

Du Wei never thought of sending troops into the prairie. Even if the prairie people were greatly injured, even if Du Wei could win the war, “victory” and “complete conquest” were completely different.

It was easy to win the war. It was necessary to conquer the prairie’s people. It was sefinitely not something that could be done in the short term. In that case, they would drag their army into a endless cycle.

Therefore, Du Wei’s goal was to get the prairie into chaos. Severe civil strife and years of civil war would make the prairie torn apart and its strength would be greatly reduced! In this way, Du Wei could concentrate all his attention with peace of mind to deal with more important enemies.

“Then, we can let the small army stationed in the Northwest Corridor evacuate.” Philip laughed. “For the past six months, we have been transporting water every day. We have consumed too much.”

“Withdraw… half.” Du Wei thought for a moment. “The border cannot be left empty, leaving half of them is enough.”

In the afternoon, Du Wei walked out of the study. He rubbed his sore temples and sighed long.

Looking at the sky, it seemed that it was going to snow.

Without any attendants, he walked straight through the corridor to the other side of the castle and came to a room upstairs.

Pushing open the door, sight of few beautiful girls dancing and sitting in the middle greeted him…

Du Wei suddenly felt a little stunned and sighed after he saw it clearly.

Ai Lu, the female assassin of the Snow Mountain, was wearing a Roland dress. She was sitting in the middle and was playing organ.

Du Wei waved his hands, indicating everyone to leave except Ai Lu.

Ai Lu’s expression was gloomy. She even looked at Du Wei with a provocative look.

In fact, in the months following Han Yue’s death, her attitude towards Du Wei had always been the same. But Du Wei did not bother her. Even if she caused serious problem, Du Wei just locked her up for two days, nothing more.

“You … what are you doing here again?” Ai Lu stared at Du Wei: “Are you going to send someone to die again this time?”

Du Wei shook his head and then stretched out his hand. A light shone in his hand. He had taken something out of the magic ring and held it in his hand.

This was a pair of small organs and the crystal strings were obviously scrubbed carefully every day, spotlessly clean.

“You play the organ very well,” Du Wei said gently. “So, this organ is for you.”

Ai Lu didn’t speak.

Du Wei’s next sentence made Ai Lu suddenly tremble.

“This organ… was left by her. This organ has been in my hand since she left.”

Ai Lu took the organ and flicked her fingers across the strings.

Later, Du Wei walked to the window, looked into the distance. Then he turned his back to the Ai Lu: “Play something for me!”

Ai Lu wanted to oppose but when the words were about to came out of her mouth, she didn’t know how to. She finally said: “What do you want to hear!”

Du Wei remained silent for a while before replying, “Whatever song she used to play, you can play it.”

The soft and harmonious melody sounded. The smooth tune fell into Du Wei’s ear as he sighed.

His eyes fell far away into the distance.

The direction he was looking at was north!

The dark clouds were moving in the sky…

“It seems to be snowing,” Du Wei murmured as if whispering: “It’s been a year now. It’s been a year… there are two years left. Time flies really fast. Only two years are left now.”

Although this guy turned his back to her and she couldn’t see his expression, Ai Lu obviously felt that the Young Duke was exhausted at this moment!

Yes, tired.

It’s the kind of exhaustion that seemed to be hollowed out of your heart.

“Two years… what does he mean by two years? Why he always says it’s raining, it’s snowing etc. What makes him so worried, so tired …” Ai Lu thought to herself.

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