Law of the Devil Chapter 372 Part 1

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His strength had inflated to next level. After the war, his tribe already had a population of nearly 100,000 and owns 60,000 soldiers!

This strength, on the grassland, was already considered a first-class tribe.

Moreover, the clever Saladin firmly remembered the opinion in the letter that Du Wei once wrote to him: Don’t be rushed!

From beginning to end, he didn’t erect the king’s banner and he didn’t support himself as the prairie king. But with his army, he devoured everything that could be found around him step by step. Then taking advantage of the disintegration of Wang Ting, the forces in the southern prairie briefly vacuumed which in return rapidly increased his capital…

By the time winter comes, Saladin already has more than 100,000 troops! He has become one of the most powerful leaders on the prairie!

And the last two of his remaining brothers, one who fled with thousands of disabled soldiers at first, lost their prestige after being defeated and were killed by the rebels.

In addition, the great prince took 30,000 men south, but was annexed by another great tribe, and the head of the great prince was also chopped off.

In the winter, on the prairie, several large tribes issued a joint declaration, asking all local tribal leaders to bring people to the Wang Ting to convene a prairie tribe conference. They wanted to re-elect a new prairie king.

When Saladin received the news, he just sneered and tore up the letter.

Saladin then smiled, showing her white teeth. Looking at Uncle Hamuye next to him, he sneered: “The Duke of Tulip told me not to believe any so-called ‘recommended king’. Getting true loyalty by so called ‘recommendation’ was impossible! The only way is to use your scimitar to conquer! Completely conquer the enemy and kill the disobedient. In the end, the remaining people will become loyal to you.”

“So … we’re not going to this conference?” Hamuyer asked.

“Participate, why not.” Saladin said: “You go as my representative. But remember, we only recommend kings who are absolutely inappropriate.”

After Du Wei read the last letter, he handed it to Philip. Philip read it with a smile and then nodded: “Master Duke, it seems… for the next ten years, we don’t have to worry about the threat of the prairie.”

Du Wei nodded and agreed with Philip.

“In the past, the prairie king was powerful enough to calm the prairie so the prairie would be united under any outside threat. But now, the most powerful tribe has disintegrated. The remaining large tribes are far from enough to calm and unite the entire grassland. There is no overwhelming advantage. So, even if someone is elected as the king, soon a new challenger will stand up and set off the new civil war. According to our calculations, the prairie people’s civil war may last at least seven or eight years and there is also an ambitious guy Saladin. The time may be longer. So within these ten years, we don’t have to worry about these prairie people.”

From the beginning, Du Wei never thought about conquering the prairie. He knew that with the current state of the empire, it would not be possible to do this, neither in strength nor in time.

Du Wei never thought of sending troops into the prairie. Even if the prairie people were greatly injured, even if Du Wei could win the war, “victory” and “complete conquest” were completely different.

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  1. “Don’t be rushed!” should be “Don’t be rash” or “Don’t rush!”
    Saladin then smiled, showing HIS white teeth

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