Law of the Devil Chapter 371 Part 2

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Hamuye thought about it. He immediately said, “Yes! My lord… I really admire your strategy, huh. It only took a thousand soldiers and horses dragging logs to spread dust… They must be thinking that we are reinforcement. ”

Saladin smiled gloomily: “So … now, let’s get our men on board and get ready to go.”

On the prairie, more than 100,000 soldiers fought each other fiercely. Like a huge meat grinder, they crushed all life that was involved!

Whistling, killing, shouting, screaming…

When the battle went on for a while, the four “Prairie Kings” found out that their “reinforcement” who they had high hopes for did not join the battle! And the scouts sent back a bad piece of news that made four “prairie kings” so angered that they almost vomited blood and passed out!

These so-called reinforcements came but there were only a thousand people… the dust in the sky was caused by the logs tied behind the horses. And when the battle started, they… all ran away!

“Damn Saladin! Damn Hamuye!”

The four “prairie kings”, in their respective military formations, issued the most vicious curse at the same time. But they still made an inconsistent decision.

It was impossible to stop the battle! In the current situation, whoever retreated would die!

The four kings, at the same time, ordered their last reserve team to rush up!

Life and death depend on this moment!

Where was Saladin at this time?

He sent four teams; each team was of 5,000 soldiers. And these 5,000 men, respectively, put on the dresses of the 5,000 men and horses sent by several brothers at first. They fought on the battlefield for some time and slowly approached the four Prairie King’s Base Camp…

The order from Saladin was simple.

“Fast! Everything must be done fast! What you can grab, grab it! If you can’t take it, burn it down!”

The four princes invested everything in this decisive battle so their base camps were exposed to Saladin’s minions. This time, he decided to vent his anger into this battle!

Roland Empire, winter, 963 years!

Du Wei who was sitting in the Governor’s Mansion in Loulan City received the last secret report on the prairie. This was also the last letter sent by Alpha. Subsequently, Alpha would also end his two-year prairie career and return to Desa province.

During the decisive battle of the four “Prairie Kings”, Saladin sent his troops to attack the camp of four people, plundering a lot of materials, wealth and slaves. At last he went away.

On the battlefield, the fierce battle continued until dark. In the end, the two princes died on the spot. And one saw that the situation was bad and decided to leave the battlefield with his remnants soldiers. When he fled, there were less than 6,000 cavalry left and most of them were wounded.

The last “victor” was the eldest son of the former prairie king. Unfortunately, the winner also paid a huge price. After he finally did calculation, it was found that, after adding prisoners of war, his overall strength was less than 30,000. Moreover, most of them were heavily wounded.

And… his base was also copied by Saladin.

With only less than 30,000 disabled soldiers, was he still prairie king?

So, in the dark, the “victor” set a fire and burned the battlefield. After that, he led his people and left in a southeast direction.

And the only winner of this war was Saladin!

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