Law of the Devil Chapter 371 Part 1

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Soldiers were deceived by Hamuye so they were not prepared for any sneak attack. After they reached the designated place, they got ambushed by Saladin. After getting surrounded, soldiers dropped theirs weapons. They could only accept their fate and surrender to be reorganized!

What Hamuye had to do was to send letters to four places and perform four plays in three days.

Saladin didn’t use a single soldier but with just a letter, he got more than 20,000 men!

Even Hamuye, known as the “think tank”, admired this wild and bold idea.

What he didn’t know was that this idea was not something Saladin could think of.

After completing this plan, Saladin secretly met with Alpha. Facing this prairie man, although he (Alpha) didn’t like this guy, but because of his loyalty to Dewey, he still fulfilled his mission brilliantly.

“This is the last when Master Du Wei helped you for free. We will not give you any more free help. Starting from today, any help will come at a price. ”

The four “Prairie Kings” believe that they have gained an advantage in strength with the support of the Hamuye and Saladin coalition forces.

On the day of the decisive battle, cruel reality slashed their illusions!

The four princes finally made up their minds to fight! Because they could no longer hold on, they must defeat their brothers as fast as possible and then take the position of prairie. It was only way to make those tribes surrender.

So, this morning, the four princes’ soldiers gathered on this prairie. The drums of war were beating and the horns sounded. The cavalry polished their machete, the horse’s nose sprayed white gas…

And ridiculously, the four princes were looking at the side of the battlefield at the same time … waiting for their “reinforcements”.

At noon, when the sun was shining overhead, faint sounds of horseshoes came from the side of the battlefield. And then above the horizon, there was a large cloud of dust. Nobody knew how many cavalrymen were coming. The dust that covered the sky was no doubt stimulated the confidence of the four “prairie kings”!

Finally, a team of cavalry holding banners revealed itself. It was exactly Prince Saladin and Hamuye!

The most ridiculous and ironic scene happened at this moment.

The four prairie kings, almost at the same time, pointed at the flying dust in the distance and then turned around, and shouted at their subordinates with a confidence of the winner: “Look! Do you see those in the distance! Those are the reinforcements that Prince Hamuye brought to us! Our reinforcements have arrived! The victory belongs to us! Now, raise your weapons and charge at your enemies! ”

Although there were some people who though that something was not right… but at this tense moment, no one had time to think about these issues.

So … the horn of charge rang, the soldiers raised their scimitar and urged the war horse. They began an unscrupulous charge…

“Aren’t they fooled?” Saladin smiled at Hamuye, who was next to him.

Hamuye thought about it. He immediately said, “Yes! My lord… I really admire your strategy, huh. It only took a thousand soldiers and horses dragging logs to spread dust… They must be thinking that we are reinforcement. ”

Saladin smiled gloomily: “So … now, let’s get our men on board and get ready to go.”

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