Law of the Devil Chapter 370 Part 2

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Of course, they also made this common move at the same time. At the same time, they sent a brave messenger to ride the fastest horse to the Snow Mountain on the prairie to see His Majesty, the omnipotent Witch (Shaman) King!

If you can get the approval of His Majesty the Witch King, then the position of your own prairie king will be determined.

It was a pity that after the messenger was dispatched; there was no news for many days. This situation made the four princes very anxious.

Finally, this day they got a good piece of news.

At the same time, the four “Prairie kings” all received a secret letter which was shot into their camp with a bow and arrow by someone.

At the same time, the four Prairie Kings received an “investment in good faith”!

In fact, the contents of these four letters were almost the same. The contents of the four letters were generally the same except that the recipients have different personal names.

First of all, He praised them in a humble and respectful tone and addressed them as “The Great Prairie King”. After that, he showed his determination to lead allegiance. Finally, it was agreed that on the day of the decisive battle, he would lead a 40,000 soldiers. He would enter join the battle and serve the great king! At the same time, in order to sneak attack the enemy and take them by surprise, he asked the great prairie king to keep this matter secret. After defeating the enemy in battlefield, he would bow down before the king…

The signature at the end of the letter was Saladin, the son of the slave woman who had always been looked down upon by several princes.

If it was only Saladin’s signature, the four princes might not believe it. But the problem was that after Saladin’s letter, four people received another letter at the same time!

And this letter made all four “Prairie kings” fool!

This was an letter from Hamuye. Like the previous one, the letters received by the four princes this time were actually the same.

In the letter, Hamuye said in a sincere tone that he had not accepted your summon when he was in the court but left with his people because of fear and defection. After all, if he has a small tribe. The population is only 30,000 and the military strength is only a few thousand, it will not help much. His departure was actually to save strength but also to find a strong support for them!

And now, he has already convinced Saladin, the youngest prince. Saladin has expressed his willingness to support you together with me. I and his troops together have tens of thousands of soldiers. In this way, we can greatly help you.

On the day of the decisive battle, he and Saladin will bring their soldiers and horses from the side of the battlefield and then…

After receiving this handwritten letter from Hamuye, the four princes were really fooled.

Who was Hamuye? He was their uncle and their father’s brother. In the royal court, he also had a great personal relationship with the princes.

No one believes that Hamuye will harm them … and no one thinks that Hamuye will “trust” Saladin. After all, Hamuye is the true noble prince! And Saladin … it was just a female slave-born kid, a bastard, who reached this level with the flattery of their father! Humph……

Moreover, what must be mentioned paragraph at the end of Hamuye’s letter, which stated–

“Dear King. Although I think Saladin agreed to help us, we can’t fully trust this little bastard. I will help the King to monitor him carefully… But my strength is limited and it is very difficult to control him effectively. Therefore, please send some people to assist me. I don’t need a lot, just give me another five thousand soldiers so I can keep an eye on this guy firmly. If he dares to do something wrong, I can…”

It was this last paragraph that moved the four princes.

Each of them is so happy that they thought of making Hamuye their future think tank! Huh, that bastard boy is probably unreliable! Moreover, my uncle only needs 5,000 people and I can still squeeze some out! Moreover, that bastard boy has to send 30,000 to 40,000 soldiers! Thus it is a very worthwhile thing.

Therefore, after receiving the “secret letter”, the four “prairie kings” dreamed that they got the support of Saladin and Hamuye, and agreed to Hamuye’s request.

Four princes immediately ordered to separate 5,000 soldiers and had them quietly leave camp in night.

The address in each “secret letter” was different. So this scene appeared:

In the next three days, four different times, at four different locations… After the soldiers arrived at the designated meeting point, they all met the “loyal” Prince Hamuye and his soldiers.

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