Law of the Devil Chapter 370 Part 1

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Where the guy who once kissed his father’s feet in the court?

“From now on, you follow me. I will be like … no, I will trust you more than that old guy.”

When they met, this was Saladin’s first sentence to his uncle.

Old man … Hamuye was not a fool. He heard a bit of resentment from Saladin’s tone. He thought of that beautiful woman which caused king’s death.

Does all this need to be explained?

What a wolf in sheep’s cloths…

The most important thing was that he could bear all that humiliation to achieve his goal!

Resolute! Cruel to himself!

Hamuye sighed. Perhaps, this wolf cub could really make to the end.

No matter what, do he have a choice?

He and his tribe were surrendered by Saladin’s 10,000 elite soldiers. And looking at a well-equipped army of Saladin… behind this guy, there must be someone, Roland! Otherwise, how could he equip his army with so many elite weapons and armors with his ability?

Saladin was slightly dissatisfied with Hamuye’s silence, so he reminded his uncle a little.

Hamuye decided to work for Saladin. He raised his hands above his head and then bowed his head to Saladin and spoke loudly with a respectful voice: “Noble, great prairie Master, the king of the ministry … I, Hamuye, am willing to surrender to you. I will be your eyes, your steed, your leather whip, your scimitar … your will is mine mission!”

Then, without any nonsense, Saladin looked at his uncle, the only “civilized man” in the king’s court.

He was very satisfied with the obedience shown by the other party and then he straightforwardly asked his question: “Uncle, can you give me any ideas for the current situation?”

In the western part of the prairie, more and more tribesmen gathered. It includes four princes who stand on their own as “Prairie kings” and more than a dozen small tribes following them. Here, more than 200,000 soldiers and horses have gathered.

Although some big tribes also sent their soldiers, they did not join the battle and just watched the battle from a distance.

The four princes were not outstanding talents, even short-sighted. Because pride and ambition, they didn’t even notice that their tribe had lost the majesty of suppressing the entire prairie after passing through the internal strife.

And the position of the ridiculous “Prairie King” didn’t seem to be so good. The “king’s degree” issued was despised by several large tribes and it was only some small tribes that acted. Even among them, there were many ambitious guys.

Now they regret it. But they had no choice! They must fight. If they step back now, with their current strength, they were afraid they would be swallowed up by others soon.

All four people have only one choice: to kill their other three brothers, to consolidate their army and tribe, and then to have the power to protect themselves!

Of course, they also made this common move at the same time. At the same time, they sent a brave messenger to ride the fastest horse to the Snow Mountain on the prairie to see His Majesty, the omnipotent Witch (Shaman) King!

If you can get the approval of His Majesty the Witch King, then the position of your own prairie king will be determined.

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  1. Perhaps, this wolf cub could really make IT to the end
    No matter what, doES he have a choice
    He and his tribe SURRENDERED TO(Or were subdued/subjugated by) Saladin’s 10,000 elite soldiers
    your will is MY mission!”
    The “king’s deCree”

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